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  • It’s always interesting to see stars before they were famous. Many stars had random jobs on their way to the top (Brad Pitt once wore a chicken suit to advertise El Pollo Loco), but some stars have been in front of the camera their entire lives. Kaley Cuoco is super popular these days because of her role as the hot neighbor on The Big Bang Theory, but it looks like there was once a time when the perky blonde was probably a little less confident about her looks.

    According to a Yahoo! slideshow, 27-year old Kaley Cuoco wasn’t always the super cool and super cute girl next door that she is currently playing on The Big Bang Theory. The Southern California native was once rather geeky-looking, which is probably how she landed her first role in the 2000 TV movie, “Growing up Brady,” portraying Maureen McCormick, the actress that played Marcia Brady on “The Brady Bunch” TV show back in the ’70s.

    With her hair in pigtails, Kaley looks adorable juvenile, but her nose looks to be a lot wider that it is now. While many people often grown out of their large noses in adulthood; that may not be the case for Kaley. Instead, Kaley looks like plastic surgery helped her grow out of that awkward phase.

    In photos of Kaley from 2000 as McCormick, her nose looks very wide along the sides. Other childhood photos reveal a wide nose as well. Since joining “8 Simple Rules” in 2002, Kaley’s nose somehow narrowed and became much less prominent. While it is possible that Kaley simply grew into her nose, or directors learned to find better camera angles for the star, it is even more likely that Kaley underwent a slight nose procedure to perfect her nose and make it narrow.

    Kaley’s nose job was well done and looks to be fairly minor as her overall appearance was not altered and the tip of her nose and general shape of her nose did not change significantly, if at all.

    Nose jobs tend to be common amongst Hollywood’s child actors, as directors prefer to have a nose that looks good from all angles, rather than one they have to be careful with. Other child stars that have been suspected of getting nose jobs before adulthood include Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

    If rumors are true, then a nose job may have been Kaley’s first foray into plastic surgery, but it may not have been her last. More recently, fans of “The Big Bang Theory” have suspected Kaley of getting breast implants, which have helped enhance her position on the show as the resident hot girl. From the first season to the last season of the show, Kaley’s chest does seem to fluctuate, but that could be a result of the various outfits and costumes she sports from time to time.

    Kaley’s new nose looks great and completely natural. Without a look at her past, her plastic surgery probably would have remained unknown.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Kaley Cuoco on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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