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  • Reality TV star and mother of multiples Kate Gosselin is once again inviting cameras into her private life as her most recent special airs. The multiple births that propelled her to fame have now turned 10 and so the network that originally aired her family reality show, TLC is now airing the special Kate Plus 8: The Sextuplets Turn 10, as the single mom prepares to throw a carnival themed bash for the kids. While the show should be all about the kids, it looks like Kate has had some pre-show plastic surgery, including Botox injections.

    39-year old Kate Gosselin is as frequently at the center of plastic surgery rumors as she is at the center of controversy about her parenting skills. In the past, Kate has always maintained that the only plastic surgery she has had was a tummy tuck, which was filmed for her family’s then reality show. However, as her personal life continues to come under fire, Kate’s looks haven’t suffered in the least, indicating that plastic surgery could be at play.

    Although she once sported a very asymmetrical short hairdo that seemed to be popular with women in some parts of the country, Kate looks to have turned to extensions to fill out her long blonde doll-like hair. She also looks like she has had a lot of Botox as her face is super smooth and nearly immobile.


    In the past, Kate has been thought to have undergone everything from Botox injections to laser treatments to even a necklift to get her preternaturally smooth appearance. She may have even had fat grafts in an effort to look young and fresh faced.


    “Judging by low brows and less lines between the brows, Botox is very likely,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami told RadarOnline.com.

    “The makeup makes it a bit challenging to say accurately, but a skin tightening light pulse or serial lasers, chemical peels as well as a neck lift are all possibilities to explain the tighter jawline.”

    Kate has slimmed down over the years, but her face remains youthfully full, so may have had some fillers or fat grafts injected as well.


    “Fillers or fat transfer also are likely making her overall cheeks and face softer as well,” Dr. Ghavami, who has not treated Gosselin, added.


    Despite admitting to having trouble with her older twins, who are now teens and having so many mouths to feed, Kate looks bizarrely serene at all times, even when she is feeling old and tired as she openly admits during the course of the special.


    Kate says, “We’ve all been through a lot…the kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money.”

    “I’m getting older, tired-er, more worn out.”


    The special is a way for old fans of the family to check in and see how Kate is doing after her very messy and public divorce from Jon Gosselin as well as an affirmation that Kate seems to be as angry and controlling as ever.