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  • In 2008, People magazine named Kate Hudson amongst the Beautiful People in the World on their annual list. And with her California girl good looks and stunning figure, it’s easy to see why the rom-com actress would have the accolade. However, their recent retrospective of winners showcased that Kate wasn’t always such a beauty. Could plastic surgery be responsible for Kate’s beautiful transformation?

    Cleverly Photoshopped to pose next to her 1989 younger self, 2014 Kate Hudson is a gorgeous bottle blonde posing with a rather geeky looking kid with a wide nose and ears that protrude significantly. So how did Kate go from geek to glam?

    While Kate grew into her ears somewhat, they still stick out a lot. Rather than have ear-pinning surgery like other celebrities, it looks like Kate generally tries to avoid hairstyles that accentuate her ears. Part of the reason for the drastic difference between current Kate and kid Kate is that kid Kate has her hair pushed back behind her ears, which is decidedly unflattering. Current Kate has flowing locks that hide her ears so that they don’t distract from her stunning beauty.


    The other big difference in Kate’s appearance is her nose. While young Kate didn’t have a large nose, it was a very different shape than her current nose. While Kate may have grown up an into her nose a little, it is unlikely that it changed shape. Previously, Kate’s nose was wide and had a very rounded tip and broad bridge. Kate’s grown up nose is much more shapely, with a delicate elongated tip and a straight, narrow bridge, without any of the bumps that previously made Kate’s nose appear wide and stumpy. Nose job rumors have circled Kate in the past, but the side by side comparison inadvertently supplied by People magazine’s clever retrospective seems to give definitive proof to the rumors.


    A few years back, Kate sparked rumors of a breast augmentation when her usually small chest appeared to be filling out gowns and bikini tops. The rumors came on the heels of Kate giving birth to her second child, so it seemed likely that motherhood was responsible for Kate’s sudden bust boost, rather than plastic surgery. After the rumors had started, they died down when Kate wore a strapless low cut gown that seemed to indicate that her breasts were natural. As the gown showed that her breasts do not have the high, round shape of breast implants, nor can you see the outline of the implant, which is common with thin girls like Kate who get implants placed.


    When Kate does want a little more than her usual cleavage, she may use chicken cutlets or padding sewn into her gowns. So instead of praising a plastic surgeon, one could praise her stylist.


    Kate is looking great these days, and her younger self would probably be amazed to see how grown up and girly she turned out to be.