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  • Arrow star Katie Cassidy has a Hollywood pedigree as the daughter of 70s star David Cassidy and Sherry Williams. Fans of the superhero are wondering if her roots in the entertainment industry mean that she is already turning to plastic surgery, as her character on the show looks very different than she did last season.

    27-year old Katie Cassidy started her career as an All-American beauty modeling for Ambercrombie & Fitch, a brand well-known for it’s love of strong abs and refusal to accommodate fuller figured customers. Since then, Katie has been singing and acting in order to make her showbiz family proud. With her new-found fame as love interest Laurel Lance on the CW show Arrow, Katie looks like she has finally arrived.

    Fans of the show have probably seen Katie in other movies and television shows, but they may not realize it because Katie seems to be pretty chameleon-like in her ability to change her appearance. Blame it on her start in the industry as a model or on the Hollywood surroundings of her upbringing, but Katie looks distinctly different than she did just a year ago.

    While Katie has experimented with her hair color over the years, going from blonde to darker and darker as she grows older, her change is more than just a cut and dye. Some fans speculate that a nose job is the reason her face appears to look so different. Others think that her face looks a little longer, the result of a small chin implant. As nose jobs and chin implants, generally go hand in hand, both camps could be correct.

    Although Katie looks like she may have lost weight and gotten more toned during her time off between seasons, her face actually looks like bigger. When older actresses age and lose weight, they tend to replace the lost volume in the face with injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm in the chin and cheeks. Kate is pretty young to be going with this route, but her seemingly more pronounced-looking cheeks and chin do seem to indicate this to be the case.

    Katie seems to enjoy changing up her looks, so even shaping her eyebrows differently or filling in them to look fuller could be responsible for giving her eyes a more open look, without a plastic surgery eyelift or Botox injections usually reserved for older women. Maybe some other new makeup tricks on the set as well.

    It seems fairly obvious that Katie has done something to alter her appearance. However, it seems unlikely that the change is due to plastic surgery because there may not have been enough time for her to undergo plastic surgery recovery between her various projects and red carpet appearances. Also, given that Katie seems to have a history of changing her look frequently, it is unlikely that she would do anything so permanent as plastic surgery, especially this far into the fame game.

    However, it is a possibility that she had a nose job earlier in her career, before Melrose Place and Arrow made her a weekly fixture.