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  • Have you ever wondered how Katie Couric manages to look so fresh-faced and wide-awake, no matter what time of day she is reporting? Plastic surgery likely plays a role. 56-year old Katie Couric has worked the morning shift and the late shift in her news anchor career. Whether she’s working day or night, she always seems to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, which is likely a testament to her good work ethic and a possible touch of plastic surgery. Noting that many Katie’s age have already lost elasticity in the jawline and have developed some jowls, it is very likely that Katie has had a facelift, which also helped to raise her cheeks. In addition to a facelift a few years ago, Katie probably also has a skincare routine which includes touches of Botox in her forehead and between her brows. Having skilled makeup team probably also helps! Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Katie Couric on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.   See Before & After Plastic Surgery Photos price of doxycycline Chat on purchase Paxil Plastic Surgery Message Boards Buy Viagra Canada Shop for Plastic Surgery & Beauty Products Ask Plastic Surgeons Questions & Get Answers SUBSCRIBE to our Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gossip Newsletter