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  • Khloe Kardashian has been going through some major changes in her life and her physical transformation is just one of them. As Khloe gets older, it looks like she’s becoming more like her sisters and turning to plastic surgery for a boost.

    30-year old Khloe Kardashian was recently spotted with a hot new look—super voluminous hair and plenty of lips and cleavage. But what really stood out was her dramatic brow structure, leading fans to wonder if Khloe had tried Botox injections.


    Khloe’s super arched brows and firm and smooth forehead look like they could definitely be the result of Botox injections, which helps to refresh fallen brows and get rid of wrinkles.

    However, the glam look could also be the result of makeup application, which enhances Khloe’s mouth into a perfect bow-shape and also amplifies her already arched and full brows.


    Dr. Steve Fallek tells HollywoodLife, “It definitely looks like Khloe has had some work done. “She appears to have had lateral [injections] because her forehead is now firmer and her brows are in a new place. You also see a disappearance of crows feet on the outer eyes; there’s definitely new firmness there.”


    Given her relatively young age, Khloe could be using Botox as a preventive measure to prevent further drooping as her eyebrows appear much higher than they were in the past. Dr. Fallek says he isn’t a fan of Botox as a preventative for wrinkles, but says that Khloe’s eyebrows and forehead look to be refreshed from their formerly droopy state.


    Khloe could be experimenting with a new look after her rumored breakup with new beau French Montana, who is said to have cheated on the reality star and used her for her fame.


    Whether or not Khloe has had Botox is unclear, but it certainly isn’t the first time that the reality star has faced allegations of plastic surgery. After showing off her ample rear end in a tight-fitting dress, many wondered if the statuesque star had undergone a buttocks augmentation like her big sister, Kim Kardashian.


    A deleted scene from a recent Keeping up with the Kardashians episode seems to reveal the answer.


    Khloe and sister Kourtney volunteer at a charity event with plastic surgery fan Bruce Jenner and an old lady pulls Khloe aside to tell a personal anecdote.


    “I told my son how beautiful you are, and then I said, ‘Is that her real butt?’ And he said, ‘Yes, mom, it is!’” Khloe laughed, and said it was real — “You can touch it! It really is!”


    Another old lady then approaches to whom Khloe explains, “She asked if my booty was real, and I said, ‘Yes, you can touch it!’” Khloe told her.


    In the past, Khloe has claimed to be the only natural Kardashian. While big sister Kourtney has openly admitted to breast augmentation and Kim has openly admitted to Botox and laser treatments, Khloe says that she is all natural and any changes are due to working out.