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  • Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that looking good is painful. From tight undergarments to squeezing into high heels, it takes a lot of effort to look effortless. And the glamorous Kim Kardashian takes it even further. Despite having a full figure, Kim loves to wear snug fitting clothes and shoes, even wearing strappy stilettos that strangled her ankles during pregnancy. So the rumors that before her destination wedding to Kanye West, Kim had some liposuction on her toes to squeeze her wide feet into high heels in a procedure known as “Loub Job” could very well be true.

    Kim Kardashian loves making costume changes during her big weddings and her most recent nuptials were no exception. Kim is thought to have dropped over $5,000 on toe liposuction in order to squeeze her feet into some tight fitting shoes. The procedure is known as a “Loub Job,” named after shoe designer’s Christian Louboutin’s notoriously narrow shoes.

    Look magazine via The Daily Mail reports that before her big Italian ceremony, Kim had “toebesity” liposuction in an effort to better squeeze her feet into her shoes.


    “Toe lipo, also nicknamed ‘a Loub job’, is a procedure to remove a small bit of fat so your toes can fit better into pointy stilettos without pinching.”


    “Cosmetic surgeons and podiatrists can use tiny instruments to remove a small amount of fat – typically from the big toes,” cosmetic surgeon Wendy Lewis told the magazine.


    Although it sounds crazy, the procedure is well known amongst women who love to wear high fashion heels. Some women also have fat or fillers injected into the pads of their feed to provide additional cushioning in order to stand the pain caused by heels a little longer.


    Although she routinely denies going under the knife, Kim does spend a lot of time and money on her appearance.


    Before the big day, Kim stopped in to a dermatology clinic in Los Angeles for a stem cell facial—with a base cost around $550.


    The procedure includes the usual steps of a facial: cleansing, exfoliating and extracting. After that, a rose oil-coated custom sheet mask is applied, which is different from a typical procedure.


    And things get even more involved from there, after the mask, the aesthetician applies Lancer’s vegan stem cell serum, anti-aging Lift Serum Intense with a price tag of $275. The serum uses stem cells from a marine plant that contains properties said to lift the skin, temporarily firming it. Once the serum is applied, it is said with an LED light for a longer lasting effect.


    And even before that, Kim was spotted at a dermatology clinic where she reportedly received Botox and fillers, which would be a few weeks ahead of the ceremony, ceremonies, allowing plenty of time for the injectables to settle in and look more natural as well as allow time for an adverse reactions, such as swelling or bruising, to dissipate before the big day.