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  • Since becoming a mom, Kim Kardashian seems to be obsessed with dropping the pounds that she gained during pregnancy. Although she may still have a ways to go until she reaches her goal weight, Kim’s initial weight loss happened so quickly that some experts believe she had some plastic surgery help by way of a liposuction procedure.

    Kim Kardashian West is well known for her love of visiting the plastic surgeon’s office to help her get the look she wants. And according to experts, she may have taken her desire to look good too far this time, dropping 30 pounds in just two weeks, according to The National Enquirer via Radar Online. Apparently, such a sudden drop in weight could mean that the newlywed is suffering from malnutrition.

    “This amount of weight loss in such a short time is extremely dangerous,” said weight loss expert Dr. Aaron Tabor, who estimated the reality star’s weight loss based on recent photos.


    Dropping that amount of weight in such a short time period is very difficult to do on one’s own. Which is why the expert thinks that Kim may have used liposuction to help her out.


    Not that Kim would ever cop to plastic surgery of course. Instead, she might show off her newly svelte figure and attribute the weight loss to a new diet or fitness routine.


    Dr. Tabor tells The Enquirer, ““Patients could have liposuction to achieve that much weight loss this quickly, and claim to have a very low-calorie diet as a cover story, so I wouldn’t rule that out.”


    Not that losing weight really fast is a good idea that should be emulated.


    Tara Gidus, RD, who is the team dietitian for the Orlando Magic tells The ENQUIRER, “Losing so much weight so quickly puts [Kim] at risk of losing muscle mass and dehydration. Crash dieting suppresses the immune system and increases her risk of illness. In other words, she’s suffering from malnutrition.”


    33-year old Kim has been detailing her weight loss journey to fans and Radar Online has shown the reality star’s efforts through boot camp classes, swimming lessons and butt crunches.

    In the past, Kim has shown off her crazy attempts to lose weight, including sporting a corset like device. Via her continual Twitter updates, Kim showed off what looked to be a thinner waist in a Whats A Waist waist training device earlier in the summer.


    Then too, experts feared for Kim’s health saying that the device could crush Kim’s organs and rearrange her ribs.


    Kim has never admitted to plastic surgery in the past and she’s unlikely to now, with the new weight loss rumors. Instead, Kim claims to rely on makeup and contouring techniques to change her appearance, although on her family reality show she does occasionally visit a skincare clinic to use laser treatments to get rid of stretchmarks or cellulite.


    Although Kim looks slimmer and very different from before her relationship with her current husband, she likely won’t be revealing why anytime soon.