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  • Since entering the world just months ago, little North West, the offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has gotten nearly as much attention as her famous parents. Yet while the paparazzi and parents are constantly snapping pictures of Kimye, photos of little Nori have been fairly few and in between considering her mother is a reality television star and her father considers himself to be the second coming. However, Mama Kim recently shared an adorable photo of baby North with fans, and the focus became all about the little one’s amazing eyebrows. Could Kim already be introducing her daughter to the importance of perfectly waxed brows?

    In an Instagram photo, adorable 6-month old North West is mid-giggle. But all viewers can seem to focus on is that North’s brows are as carefully groomed as her 33-year old mother’s. Fans of the Kardashian family reality show know that all members of the famous family– from Rob to Khloe and everyone in between– practice some form of hair removal or another, whether it is waxing themselves, getting professionally waxed or having laser hair removal treatments. In fact, earlier in their relationship, Kanye and Kim were spotting leaving a laser hair removal treatment center, leading to speculation as to whom was having what removed from where. However, little North is a little young to already be getting her eyebrows waxed now, just because she may be genetically predisposed to having excess body later in life.

    Although Kim is routinely photographed, she has been very careful in sharing photos of Baby North with the public, and some viewers of the photos have said that when compared with her debut photo back in August, there is a very clear difference in the appearance of the infant’s eyebrows.

    As to the comments that posters left below the photo in question, a rep for the Kardashian family has told the family that any accusations of grown-up grooming are “completely false.”

    The waxing mystery has drawn comparisons to another reality star, Teen Mom turned porn actress Farrah Abraham. Earlier this year, after revealing numerous procedures of her own, including a nose job and chin implant that she has since had removed, Farrah admitted to getting rid of her toddler daughter’s unibrow while the 3-year old was asleep.

    At the time, Farrah proudly blogged about how she used wax to get rid of the three year old’s unibrow by false measures and then further removed strays with a tweezers while she was asleep.

    Farrah felt she was helping her daughter to look her best, but many critics felt very strongly otherwise of her methods and maternal instincts.

    Due to the delicate skin of young children, it does not seem at all adviseable to use hair removal techniques on people of such a young age. Adults however, have a plethora of hair removal devices available to them, many of which can now be done in the privacy of your own home, from waxing to laser hair removal devices.