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  • Just days after giving birth to twins, Kim Zolciak was out and about showing off her post baby body. Now, just months later, the reality star is back in plunging necklines and slinky dresses. So how did she do it? With plastic surgery?

    Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak says that the secret to her quick slimdown is working out—hard.

    “I’ve been working out with my husband, he kicks my butt,” 35-year old Kim told ABC News. “The mind of an athlete is like no other. This man is incredible. We have everything you could dream of to workout, he pushes me and when it starts to burn, I wont quit and he won’t let me.”


    “I was back in my jeans pretty quickly. I don’t know how much I weigh, but I know I’m back in my clothes,” she added to ABC News. “I still have a bit of muffin top when I wear my jeans, but nothing too bad.”


    According to Kim, her post baby body isn’t due to food deprivation. She says, “I’m a firm believer you can eat everything in moderation. I eat what I want but I eat in moderation,” she continued. “The maple bacon [liquor from Mama Walker's] I love because I can put it in my Bloody Mary.”


    During the course of her pregnancy, Kim says that she gained about 50 pounds, which makes it even more amazing that she was able to drop the weight so quickly.


    In addition to her new twins, Kim is also the mother of four other children: 19-month old Kash, 2-year old KJ and 12-year old Arian and 16-year old Brielle.


    While Kim may not have gone the plastic surgery route this time around, she has been known to have a nip or tuck or two or three in the past.


    Kim is well known for her love of wearing wigs rather than her own natural hair but that isn’t the only fake body part. Kim also has breast implants and has admitted to having had liposuction. She has also had a nose job after considering the procedure for years in order to slim and straighten her nose.


    And while she has considered a tummy tuck in the past, she is adamant that she didn’t have one after giving birth to the twins, after a fan accidentally started the rumor.


    “I don’t know what doc wud do major surgery the day u deliver but I have NOT had a tummy tuck!”


    Apparently the rumor was directed at another new mom named Kim, which the fan was quick to clear up.


    “No, I thought people would know that… it was a total joke!! Kim [Zolciak] did not have a tummy tuck!! Kim looks awesome!!” the fan wrote in response.


    “It was a rumor about Kim Kardashian,” the fan explained, but apologized for starting a rumor about either Kim. “It was in poor taste. I really like @Kimzolciak. Sorry!!”