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  • Kim Zolciak isn’t shy about showing off her assets. Whether it’s her wig collection or her post baby body, Kim is taking pictures and sharing them with fans. But when Andy Cohen questioned her about a new pair of breast implants, Kim suddenly played coy.

    Andy Cohen, the host of Watch What Happens Live frequently hosts the stars of his reality shows on his own show. And after hosting for several seasons now, he has learned to spot signs of plastic surgery, from recent fillers to new noses. So he probably knows what he’s talking about when he asked Kim if she had recently had a breast augmentation.

    “Did you get new boobs?” Andy asked. To which Kim answered, “You have to watch the show and see.”


    Kim is promoting her new season of Don’t Be Tardy and clearly wants to make sure that viewers are interested in watching. The trailer for the season that was previously shown indicated that Kim has gone under the knife recently. In the trailer, Kim, a former RHoA star visits plastic surgeon Leo Hochstein, the “Boob God of Miami” and the husband of Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein.


    It’s not exactly as if Kim is a complete stranger to plastic surgery. In an early season of RHOA, Kim underwent a liposuction procedure—even as she ate pizza. She also admitted to having a nose job to help straighten out her nose, a procedure she had been considering for years. And on a trailer for her new spinoff show, Kim is seen in a doctor’s office being examined by a doctor and someone is shown holding breast implants.


    The possibility of a mommy makeover as Make Me Heal predicted is also indicated with Kim’s warning to hubby Kroy, “Once I were to get my tummy and boobs done, I will kill a bitch if you were to get me pregnant.”


    After having her twins earlier this year, the latest addition to Kim’s family after four other children: 19-month old Kash, 2-year old KJ and 12-year old Arian and 16-year old Brielle, Kim slimmed down quick.


    According to Kim, she lost the weight by working out hard, but not be depriving herself of her favorite foods.


    When a fan tweeted Kim to ask if she had actually undergone any procedures, Kim once again played coy, responding, “I consulted with @lhochsteinmd on a mommy makeover you will have to watch and see if i go through with it.”


    Kim is clearly open to the possibility of plastic surgery. In a recent episode, she hits up her local plastic surgeon asking for as much Botox as can possibly be injected.


    So when she plays coy with Andy, Andy is pretty certain that Kim has indeed gotten her breast implants replaced, saying “I think you have new boobs.”


    Kim still declines to answer and moves on with the segment. Which means fans will have to watch the show to see whether or not Kim has had a breast implant replacement.