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  • For a while queen of costumes Lady Gaga adamantly denied plastic surgery. But recently she’s admitted to a few minor procedures. In light of a tell all book that was set to be released last year it could be possible that Lady Gaga was trying to downplay her plastic surgery before anything too big was revealed.

    In Harper’s Bazaar in 2011 while promoting Born This Way, Lady Gaga told the magazine, “I have never had plastic surgery,” in response to the rumors of a nose job and breast augmentation that have been following the pop star since her rise to fame.

    However, former BFF Brendan Jay Sullivan has a different story, which he tells in his book Rivington Was Ours: The Lower East Side, Lady Gaga, and The Prime of Our Lives. In the book he dishes on Gaga’s dreams of fame before realizing them, including spending time under the knife.


    According to Brendan Jay, at an early point in her career, Gaga announced, “I’m getting a nose job.”


    “She said it so offhand,” he writes. “I think she put more thought into bleaching her hair.”

    “It’s holding me back,” Brendan Jay claims Gaga said. “Do you think I’d be songwriting this long if I looked like the girls you date? … It’s slipping away from me.”


    He goes on to say that Mother Monster wanted a breast lift as well, and before she became a known name.


    “No one will know,” the book claims she said at the time. “No one has heard of me. You won’t even be able to tell. But I will.”


    Brendan Jay doesn’t actually confirm that Lady Gaga then went under the knife, but it does collaborate many of the rumors that have swirled around the bizarre outfit lover.


    Gaga spent much of her early career denying plastic surgery rumors and saying things such as she wouldn’t be going under the knife because she enjoyed, ” free will to choose the way the world will envision me.”


    In a more recent interview, Gaga amended her previous statement of not having had plastic surgery to saying, that she has never had any ” work-work done,” by which she is most likely referring to invasive operations performed by a plastic surgeon.


    Speaking with Howard Stern, Gaga revealed that just last year she would regularly head to a strip mall to get fillers like Juvederm placed.


    According to Gaga, she wasn’t in a happy place at the time and would smoke pot before deciding to head to a lady in a strip mall in Chicago for facial injections. However, she says that she since stopped getting fillers because a photographer friend of hers advised against it.


    Generally it is hard to tell what Gaga really looks like as she tends to hide beneath large hats, crazy wigs and veils and masks. However she does like to maintain herself, as she was spotted having two very expensive facial treatments just ahead of her last birthday.








    1 Comment so far

    1. Kelly on July 29, 2014 10:35 am

      I’m not sure why celebrities still get worried to say they had a treatment done. It’s not a taboo like it once was. Some celebrities have actually embraced their plastic surgery.

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