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  • Madonna is just as famous for changing her look as she is for her role as an entertainer. Always wanting to be the new thing, Madonna has embraced social media and regularly shares selfies of herself with fans. In one shot, Madonna showed off not only her rockin bod in a bathtub, but she may have also inadvertenly revealed a scar from a past facelift.

    In the photo, Madonna is naked in a bubble bath with her back to the camera. But if you look closer, a fine red scar is visible just below the star’s hairline and behind her ear. While the scar could be the result of any number of scenarios, commonly facelift scars are found around that area as they are generally nearly invisible, especially if the patient normally wears their hair down.

    This isn’t the first time that Madonna has fallen rumors of plastic surgery, although it may be the first time that possible evidence has been revealed. Since her days as a cone-shaped bra wearing trash talker, nothing much has changed, except for her appearance.


    55-year old Madonna seems to be obsessed with youth and looking as young as possible, even sharing outfits with her teenaged daughters. But in addition to keeping fit and having a young wardrobe, Madonna also looks to be a fan of plastic surgery.


    Over the years, Madonna is thought to have had at least one facelift, and also uses fillers to fill her famously high cheekbones and lips, as well as to eliminate deep lines that run from her nose to her lips. She probably also uses Botox to eliminate frown lines and wrinkles in her forehead and between her brows. She may also have had a blepharoplasty procedure as she has been spotted with black eyes hidden beneath her shades in the past. She probably also had a necklift as her face and neck appear to be uniformly tight and pulled.


    Given Madonna’s strong love of fitness and running, it is especially suspicious that someone so athletic would have such tight skin as running in particular is known to cause laxity and loose skin, particularly in the jowls.


    While Madonna has never been shy about revealing her naked body, sometime after initially showing it off in cone-shaped bras, it seems that Madonna may have gotten a breast augmentation. Her breasts are high, rounder and appear to be much firmer than in her early days of stardom, indicating that plastic surgery is likely at play because breasts typically lose volume and begin to sag with aging, especially after pregnancy.


    In addition to her possible facelifts, some believe that Madonna may have had a small chin implant placed in the last few years because her face appears to be slightly longer than it did in the past.


    Madonna seems to have no compunctions about sharing her body with fans, with or without plastic surgery. But is it really a selfie if someone else takes the shot of her in a bathtub?