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  • Earlier this month, Miranda Kerr stunned when she went to an Oscar after party in a plunging shimmering gown. Although never one afraid of showing too much skin, Miranda appeared to be showing off more cleavage than usual, leading to speculation that the hot model mom has had a breast augmentation after announcing her separation from hot hubby Orlando Bloom late last year.

    Frequently after a breakup, people want to change their look, whether its with a haircut or a plastic surgery procedure that they’ve wanted, but have held off on. Now rumor has it that Miranda has decided to really earn her wings with new breast implants.

    “Miranda appears to have undergone a very tasteful breast augmentation,” Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated 30-year-old Kerr, told RadarOnline.com.

    “She appears to have gone from an A (cup) to a small C (cup) and her breasts help to create a very nice, curvy figure.”


    Dr. Youn added: “Kudos to her plastic surgeon for a job well done!”


    Although Miranda hasn’t admitted to getting a breast augmentation and sources have said that the rumors are false, they certainly look to be true.


    Older photos of Miranda in similar necklines without obvious means of support seem to indicate a much smaller bust. By contrast, the more recent photos show a full bust, but without any type of bra or support system that would add cleavage. Weight gain can also help to naturally pad the bust, but Miranda appears to be as svelte as ever and to gain that much in the bust would probably indicate an obvious weight gain elsewhere as well.


    “In all of these pictures, the dresses are very similar in design and there is no boob except in the last picture which again is an open design without a bra,” Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hampton’s Diet, who also has not treated Kerr, tells RadarOnline.com.

    “There is no way to go from nothing to something without an operation or weight gain which she hasn’t done.”


    Miranda shows no signs of scars and her breasts aren’t overwhelming large or sticking out on her thin frame, which indicates that she chose a natural size that will be further enhanced by the Victoria’s Secret bras she peddles.


    In the past, Miranda has been the subject of scrutiny for plastic surgery as it is hard to believe that such a perfect body could be natural and many models have a nose job and breast augmentation early in an effort to boost their career down the road. However, until now Miranda has appeared to be completely natural, even her small nose the result of good genetics, not a good doctor.


    It is possible that after giving birth Miranda felt that her breasts were not as round and firm as they used to be, so she waited a bit in order to restore the lost volume to her chest.


    Whether or not Miranda has spent much time under the knife, she is looking fabulous.