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  • She may not be a household name, but you probably know actress Laura Bell Bundy. After all, the prolific star has been around since she was a kid, appearing in everything from Jumanjii to her current gig on Charlie Sheen’s sitcom, Anger Management. And sometime, she looks to have undergone a nose job.

    33-year old Laura Bell Bundy has a diverse body of work, appearing in everything from movies like Dreamgirls to television series like How I Met Your Mother and has even found time to star on Broadway. One reason you may not recognize is because sometime between starting her career at a young age and growing up, it looks as though Laura has undergone a nose job.

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    It’s hard to tell when, but at sometime Laura looks as though she has had at least one nose job. As a kid, Laura had a large and somewhat goofy looking nose. But you’d never know it to see her now.


    Although some people do grow into their large noses, it seems more likely that Laura has had a rhinoplasty as the shape of her nose has also changed. As a sometimes country star as well as a Broadway singer, Laura may have held off on having a nose job until she was fully grown in order to make sure that a nose job wouldn’t affect her voice.


    Laura’s new nose has been slimmed down and narrowed across the bridge, making it much more fitting to her face. However, her nose is still a little long and has an unusual tip as well as a slightly large appearance in profile, so it may be that the nose job didn’t go according to plan. It could be that Laura would benefit from another nose surgery so that her nose would look well from all angles.


    While Charlie Sheen has a nasty reputation these days, after leaving his hit sitcom Two and Half Men– he is currently engaged to a porn star and recently got in another of his famous Twitter battles with pop star Rihanna—Laura has said that his persona is all hype.


    “I think there’s a little bit of hype,” Bundy says. “He’s a real human being. I actually think that what scares all of us about someone like Charlie is that he’s always honest. We can’t handle the truth.”


    For his part, his hard partying lifestyle has taken a definite toll on his appearance. Doing drugs has left him with a need for major dental work, including getting teeth implants. Losing volume in his face and with bags under his eyes, Charlie either needs to stop talking and start sleeping or get some fat grafts and fillers like Sculptra placed in his face, especially in the hollows of his cheeks. He could also use eyelid surgery to take care of his sags and bags under his eyes. And a little Botox would definitely help eliminate the perpetually worried look caused by the 11 between his eyebrows, as well as relax the lines across his forehead and even his neck. Most likely, he could also do with some chemical peels Strattera Buy or laser resurfacing buy plavix Buy Viagra online with a laser treatment such as buy premarin Fraxel.