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  • Celebrity Big Brother star Dappy recently posted a selfie of himself laying in a hospital bed with a bandage covering his nose. Fans are now trying to figure out the story behind the photo? Did Dappy get kicked in the face by a horse and require reconstructive plastic surgery? Or is the horse story just an elaborate excuse for a nose job?

    Dappy posted a photo of himself on Twitter laying in a hospital bed looking fine along with the caption, “Even in hospital you look god dam sexy.” The photo and caption were later removed and replaced with official photos of him looking less than himself, wearing bandages and sipping soup.

    Apparently making the situation suspicious is that the original photo was uploaded at the same time that the horse incident was said to be taking place.


    Even friends close to the entertainer are apparently mystified, telling the Mirror UK, “It’s all very odd indeed, bruv. One of ’em shows him with a bust up nose and the other one doesn’t. Innit?

    “I don’t get how his nose, which was where that horse kicked, could look normal at any point while he was in hospital.

    “Bare people were saying that it was like the ‘before’ pic of some cosmetic surgery. Weird, innit?”

    If the horse story is why The former N-Dubz singer required a reconstructive nose job then the official story is that Dappy was riding the animals on his estate when he was thrown and consequently kicked in the face.

    A source tells The Mirror, The Mirror: “Dappy sees himself as a bit of a Lord of the Manor and he was cantering around when the horse reared up suddenly. He was left sprawled on the ground, and to make matters even worse, the horse then stamped on his face. There was blood everywhere.”


    Dappy later posted a photo of himself all bandaged up, along with the caption, “Nice nose job.”


    It is difficult to ascertain whether or not Dappy has had a reconstructive procedure or just making an elaborate excuse for undergoing nose surgery. Generally celebrities either readily admit to nose jobs or make some excuse.


    Over the years, stars like Ashley Tisdale have readily admitted to having a nose job, although she blamed it on having a deviated septum. Jennifer Aniston also claimed to have a deviated septum, although her nose did appear to get smaller after the procedure. And Cameron Diaz has had three nose jobs, claiming that she was unfortunate enough to break her nose on three separate occasions. And while Ashlee Simpson eventually acknowledged having nose surgery, it seemed like there was endless speculation before she even responded to the rumors, with a very vague answer.

    Then there are reality stars, who have a very different way of going under the knife. Rather than heading to the hospital for exhaustion, they tend to showcase their plastic surgery in celebrity gossip magazines like UsWeekly, including NeNe Leakes and Alexis Bellino.

    So it is anyone’s guess how Dappy is explaining his nose job.