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  • It would time consuming and most likely impossible to find a Real Housewife of any city that hasn’t spent some time with a little Botox, or a lot of time under the knife for plastic surgery. Still, some Housewives take pride in spending as little time undergoing plastic surgery as possible, or at least they don’t admit to certain procedures. Lately, Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Stewart has come under scrutiny for a possible buttocks augmentation, but she has promptly put those rumors to rest. At least for the time being.

    Porsha Stewart tends to spend a lot of time in the public eye, whether it’s for plastic surgery rumors, or the fights and feuds that the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are best known for. Lately, fans have wondered if the rumors about Porsha’s former husband, ex NFL player Kordell Stewart being gay, are true. But fans are just as likely wondering if Porsha’s stunning figure is natural or the result of plastic surgery.

    Like many Real Housewives, Porsha looks to have spent more than a little time under the knife to transform into more than a pretty face, but quite the stunner. She probably had a slight nose job early in her career to refine and slightly narrow her nose. And although she has probably dabbled in lip fillers over the years, it looks like she new relies on lip gloss to plump her pout. In addition, Porsha probably had a breast augmentation at some point as her bust looks much fuller than it did previously. Porsha doesn’t have a tendency to go braless, so she probably chose a smaller implant size to retain a more natural look and she may further enhance with a push up bra on occasion, which makes it difficult to tell her actual bust size.


    Plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Tornabe hasn’t treated Porsha Stewart, but he did weigh in on plastic surgery rumors for Pop Dust, telling the site, “It appears that Porsha has had a rhinoplasty to refine her nose to compliment her pretty face. I believe that she also had a breast augmentation to match her body type with implants that are not too big, keeping everybody wondering, “did she or didn’t she?”  It also looks like she stopped having her lips overly plumped with fillers, trading her previous trout pout, for natural, full lovely lips.”


    After posting some photos of her full figure, fans wondered if Porsha had somehow augmented her buttocks to match her chest as her rear end is full and perky, similar to those that that get fat injections or other buttocks enhancements.


    On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, a fan was bold enough to ask whether or not the Real Housewife of Attlanta had gotten any plastic done on her derriere, to which Porsha replied in the negative.


    Porsha said, “I take that as a compliment. These fake butts in Atlanta, they look good. They sit up, they sit high. So if you think mine is fake, thank you girl, but it’s not!”