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  • It looks like Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga has more than a few secrets in her past, and some of them are plastic surgery. But even in the light of nose job rumors, it looks like Melissa is keeping quiet.

    35-year old Melissa Gorga knows how to stir up controversy, whether she’s battling with other wives on the reality show or refusing to comment about plastic surgery. Since first appearing on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa has been suspected of having plastic surgery. Older photos of Melissa reveal a very different nose.

    Melissa’s old nose in early photos show that her nose used to be a very prominent feature, with a wide bridge and very wide and prominent tip. Now, Melissa’s nose fits in better on her face and it looks like the bridge has been narrowed as well as the tip made to be less round and prominent. Overall, the nose job was well done as it is not obvious except when compared to older photos.


    Although it seems fairly obvious that Melissa has had a nose before joining RHONJ, it doesn’t mean that she is likely to open up about the procedure. Or anything else she has had done.


    Melissa has become decided more glam in recent years, and it looks as though her features have softened over time, which is probably the result of some fillers being placed in her cheeks and lips. However, Melissa has never been open when it comes to plastic surgery.


    A source tells Realitytea.com, “Melissa is so consumed with herself. She has had a nose job, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and God knows what else.”

    Of course our source insists Melissa won’t admit to any of the procedures – nor will she admit the fame has gone to her head! “She will deny everything except her lips. Melissa has changed and not for the better. She has an arrogance that is hard to stomach.”


    “She DID have a nose job! Her plastic surgeon is the same one Kathy [Wakile] used,” according to the site’s source.

    “Melissa’s ex-trainer trained her at home and her nose was wrapped up from surgery when she went to go train her,” the Realitytea source describes. “Melissa also gets fillers in her face and her lips!”


    In addition to having plastic surgery on her face, it also looks like Melissa has had breast augmentation. Thin and fit, Melissa’s breast implants stand out all the more and have a very hard and round look on her chest.


    Last year, Melissa showed off the results of her die hard fitness regimen in the pages of UsWeekly. And although she looks great in a bikini, especially after having kids, she did reveal that she would like it if her booty was just a little bigger.


    “I know there’s a lot of women who try to minimize their backsides . . . but I actually want a bigger booty!”


    “I do a lot of squats and lunges to bulk and lift it up.”


    Maybe a plastic surgery buttocks augmentation is next?