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  • Sandra Bullock recently celebrated the big 5-0 with a few of her celebrity pals. And despite having made something like 50 films in her 50 years, ranging from action movies to chick flicks and serious dramas that have earned America’s Sweetheart Oscar nominations, she doesn’t look much different than when she was racing around on a bus with Keanu Reeves in Speed. While Sandra likely takes good care of herself with diet and exercise and a great skincare regimen, it is also likely that she has used some plastic surgery tools over the years as well.

    Although Sandra Bullock has never admitted to plastic surgery, it is commonly suspected that the actress had a nose job early in her career. Photos of the beauty before fame show that the future Oscar winner’s nose was rather large and round with a slightly bulbous tip, making Sandra look anything but glamorous. Since those days, Sandra looks to have had a very good nose job, which helped to slim down the bridge of her nose and refine the tip without looking overly obvious or significantly changing the appearance of Sandra’s face.

    Since her early nose job, Sandra may have turned to plastic surgery to fight signs of aging. When done in small increments over a period of time, plastic surgery can be very subtle and less obvious than those who under go a number of plastic surgery procedures at once.


    Apparently Sandra first became self-conscious of her age and appearance when she dated the younger Ryan Reynolds back in 2011 after the couple filmed The Proposal together. At the time, OK Magazine quoted a source as saying that Sandra had a forehead lift as well as Botox injectons to help soften the appearance of wrinkles between her brow and the crow’s feet area around her eyes.


    “She appears to have had a forehead lift a few years ago and now undergoes a regular regimen of injectables,” the “friend” told the tabloid. “It looks like she’s had Boxtox injections on the upper and lower corner of her eyes, which soften crow’s feet and pulls up the outer edges of the brow and lifts the lid. It also seems like she’s a regular fan of Radiesse, a filler injected into the folds around her mouth.”


    A couple of times through the years Sandra has been called out for her plastic surgery. Although she doesn’t usually look overdone, she may have been captured on film shortly after getting Botox injections, which led to a slightly frozen looking appearance.

    And although Sandra generally has thin lips, sometimes they appear slightly larger than usual, an indication of a lip augmentation using some type of fillers.


    As to how Sandra manages to maintain her luminous glow, she probably undergoes chemical peels or laser treatments a few times a year. These treatments remove outer layers of dull, wrinkled skin to reveal younger, plumper layers beneath.


    Whatever Sandra’s secret to eternal youth, it is clearly working for her. Maybe some day she will reveal to the world what it is.