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  • Kim Kardashian may have had a great year in 2013, having her first child and then getting engaged to her baby-daddy, Kanye West. It seems that many things have changed for Kim over the past year, including her face.

    While Kim may not think she has changed her looks over the years, fans of her family’s surprisingly long-running reality television show beg to differ. Many fans feel that Kim looks much more doll like and plastic than she used to, which aren’t signs of growing up or older, but rather signs of plastic surgery.

    Although Kim has adamantly denied doing anything surgical to her face, other than trying Botox a few years ago, many beg to differ. Kim is suspected of having had a slight rhinoplasty to narrow her nose, which has changed the look of her face subtly, but enough for fans to notice.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn tells RadarOnline that he agrees with those that suspect Kim has had a nose job, whether or not the new mom admits to it.

    “Yes she appears to have had a nose job in my opinion.”

    “Kim appears to have had her nose thinned and the bump removed. Her nose looks more glamorous and elegant than it used to, contributing to her Hollywood good looks.”

    According to Dr. Youn, the surgeon who possibly did the work, did a good job as it hard to tell.

    “Kudos to her plastic surgeon for what appears to be a job well done,” he said.

    Yet RadarOnline also reports that in an interview on Nightline, Kim claims that she has never had her nose done, despite saying that her nose is her “biggest insecurity.” However, at the time Kim claimed that she had ultimately decided against having a nose job because “I wouldn’t look the same.”

    Perhaps in the years between the interview and the recent claims, Kim has changed her mind and decided to go under the knife. After all, if Kim had a lot of new things in her life in 2013: new baby, new fiancé and maybe a new nose as well?

    Kim could also have decided to take the plunge because another rumor has it that her pre-nup to Kanye West includes a “no plastic surgery clause,” so maybe she wanted to get a little knifework in before the deadline? A nose job may also be the reason for Kim’s blonde locks—entertainers often change their hair to distract from possible plastic surgery.

    There could be other explanations for Kim’s coyness about her changing appearance as well. Kim has always claimed that her famous rear end is all natural, not the result of buttocks augmentation. She even had an x-ray to show that there are no implants in her booty. However, it later was revealed that while she may not have had implants, she may have had a Brazillian buttlift, which uses natural fat from her own body to augment her rear end. Because fat is naturally occurring soft tissue, it would not show up on an x-ray.