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  • Stacy Keibler and George Clooney may no longer be an item, but her years with the world’s most famous bachelor seem to have boosted the former lady wrestler’s career—and sense of style. While Stacy has been plagued since even before George about rumors of a nose job and breast augmentation, the rumors have been recently reignited after Stacy appeared at the 17th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards showing off her best assets in a cut out gown. In the past, Makemeheal.com has suspected that Stacy has been under the knife as her earlier photos reveal a slightly different nasal tip to the one she has today. While clever lighting and professional makeup up application go a long way in changing up a look, it can’t replace a well-done rhinoplasty to make a nose perfect from every angle.

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    Stacy’s nose no longer has a small dimple at the end, instead it is a perfect button and it also appears to be slightly narrower and more defined than it was in the past, indications of a small, cleverly performed nose job. While Stacy has long been suspected of having breast implants thanks to her former career as a sexy female wrestling star, an industry that tends to be heavy on the plastic surgery, she eventually banished those rumors to the backburner, thanks in part to her relationship with George Clooney. Now that she’s once again a free agent, the rumors have reemerged, thanks in part to Stacy’s wardrobe at red carpet events. In the past, Stacy has said in interviews that people in the entertainment industry have told her not to get breast implants, advice it looks like she has followed. Stacy also said that she is a role model for young girls and her young fans like that she has not changed since the beginning of her career. However, when Stacy attend the recent 17th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards, her white gown did look like it may have revealed some possible new implants. The criss-cross cutout shape at the top of the gown revealed a lot of cleavage, including that “bolted on half grapefruit” look that seems to happen with thin women that have small implants placed. While Stacy’s look wasn’t overtly revealing, it did seem to reveal plastic surgery, especially when photos taken from the side seem to indicate a possible ridge between the implant and her chest. On the other hand, Stacy’s breasts look to be slightly uneven, which is more likely with natural breasts. Generally breast implants can help to correct unevenness in the breasts, by using a slightly larger implant or a slight lift by the surgeon. As Stacy has uneven and fairly small sized breasts (for implants), she probably just has a terrific pushup bra Natrexone Buy order Levitra online system of some sort in place—no easy task as the dress is nearly backless and cut out on the sides. With or without George by her side, Stacy clearly knows how to command a red carpet.
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