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  • Taylor Swift has said she is Victoria’s Secret biggest fan. And she seemed to prove it at her second performance for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, held at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, England. In addition to performing, Taylor also strutted her stuff in some of Victoria’s Secrets sexiest lingerie, but holding true to her recent promise, while Taylor showed off her legs for days and her breast augmentation cleavage, she didn’t reveal her bellybutton in any of the looks.

    Ahead of the show 24-year old Taylor Swift teased fans on Instagram with “Wonder what I’ll be singing at the VS Fashion Show tomorrow,” Swift captioned an Instagram pic on Monday, along with several other snapshots of polaroids. Some of the lyrics included “Stolen kisses, pretty lies” and “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” from her song “Blank Space,” which she also performed.

    While singing and strutting alongside the Angels, Taylor Swift held her own in a variety of lingerie looks, including cream satin short slip with black lace trim and a floor length robe open just enough to reveal that Taylor has probably indeed had a breast augmentation in the past few years.


    Although small, her breasts are far apart and sit high and round on her chest. Victoria’s Secret technology is no doubt is some small part responsible for this gravity defying act, but a plastic surgeon is probably more responsible.


    Taylor also sporty a sexy black lingerie ensemble while Angels in wings and Victoria’s Secret’s spiciest looks walked the runway.


    Ahead of the show, Taylor posed on the pink carpet in a mini tube dress, with just a little cleavage showing. Again, while the singer’s undergarments were likely minimal, Taylor’s cleavage was full on.


    Taylor’s fuller bust was first noticed two years ago when the star started wearing plunging necklines that seemed to show off new implant lines.


    Whether or not Taylor ever admits to plastic surgery or getting a breast augmentation remains to be seen. So far the star seems to be keeping quiet on the subject. However, she isn’t quiet about her personal life, performing her “Style” song from her new 1989 album, which is said to be about fellow pop star Harry Styles.


    And while Taylor’s sudden bust enhancement is stealing the spotlight, other plastic surgery rumors surrounding the young star have cropped up as she has become friends with models.


    In the modeling industry, nose jobs are pretty prevalent and recently people, including celebrity plastic surgery Dr. Anthony Youn, have noticed that Taylor’s nose is narrower than it used to be, giving her a more refined and grown up appearance.


    Changing her hair and makeup more often than she used to, Taylor may have been better able to hide a nose job than by sporting her old curls and bold red lips. Taylor has cut her hair into a cute bob that she wears straight and wavy and occasionally does a smokey eye and softer lips, drawing attention away from any cosmetic surgery changes that may have taken place.