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  • The past few years Taylor Swift has blossomed from teen sensation into stylish young woman. But beyond nixing her long curls for a more grown up bob, Taylor Swift looks like as she goes from country to pop, she has also gone in for some other Hollywood traditions as well—like plastic surgery. Although it has never been confirmed, Taylor Swift is thought to have had a breast augmentation in the recent past. More recently, it looks like taking selfies with supermodel besties has inspired Taylor to go under the knife for a nose job.

    Although some people do grow out of a large nose they had as a child, more often than not plastic surgery is responsible—especially when the shape of the nose changes slightly, becoming thinner and more refined rather than just fitting on the face better.

    That looks to be the case with Taylor Swift, according to Dr. Anthony Youn, who reminds RadarOnline that nose jobs are amongst the most popular plastic surgery procedures with celebrities.


    “Taylor Swift’s nose looks much thinner and more refined than it did when she was younger, ” Dr. Anthony Youn of Youn Plastic Surgery, who hasn’t treated Swift, tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.


    “It looks like she had rhinoplasty, which is the plastic surgery that celebrities have had the most,” says Youn.


    “I suspect that a plastic surgeon did a very subtle nose job, making it look as good as it does.”


    Although Taylor’s nose was never noticeably large, it does look very subtly smaller and more refined at the tip, which is an indication of a minor rhinoplasty rather than a major nose job.


    In the last year, Taylor seems to have become more conscious of her looks and style, sporting makeup even after the gym for the paparazzi cameras that are always lurking nearby. She has also been spending more time with supermodels, like Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, taking selfies of her adventures with her closest famous friends so she may have become more aware of her features and wanted her nose to better fit in with her delicate bone structure.


    It is suspected that at some time in the past couple of years, Taylor’s love for Victoria’s Secret bras led the star to undergo a breast augmentation. Whether she was inspired by the models during her performance at the annual Victoria’s Secret runway shows or just better liked how her bust looked when wearing a super push up bra is unclear. However, many believe that Taylor has had a subtle breast augmentation with small implants as she looks a little more filled out in both sweaters and plunging necklines. In any case, it looks as though Taylor no longer has a Blank Space on her chest—she is filled out whether its lingerie or plastic surgery.


    Taylor was recently spotted at the American Music Awards, having strong reactions to the performances by other music acts—especially the tearful Selena Gomez—as well as taking the stage herself.