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  • Margot Robbie first became tabloid fodder when it was rumored that she was having an affair with Will Smith, her Focus costar. Now the Australian beauty is attracting attention thanks to her steamy sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

    23-year old Margot Robbie is stealing the attention away from her famous male costars thanks to her amazing body in the nude scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. While Margot says she has no problem getting naked if she feels the role warrants it, she did tell Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show that she had trouble explaining taking her clothes off to her family.

    She told the late night host, “That was a small point of contention with my family,” Robbie said. “I just flat-out lied to my family for a really long time. I said, ‘I don’t care what you hear, I’m not doing any nudity. There’s no nudity. Ignore anything anyone’s saying.’”

    After concocting another story about a body double and CGI, Margot was eventually forced to admit the truth.

    “They totally bought it,” she said. “Eventually I came clean, and was like, ‘I’m doing nudity, but read the book first.’”

    Margot looks amazing, with or without clothes, but she probably owes her good looks to good genes and youth, rather than plastic surgery.

    Growing up in sunny Australian, Margot probably knows the value of good sunscreen protection to help prevent signs of aging. She probably also gets facials regularly or uses a professional exfoliation product like the ProSonic to get rid of the heavy makeup that can cause clogged pores and blemishes.


    Margot seems to have a perfectly straight, symmetrical nose with a round tip which could be the result of a slight rhinoplasty at a young age. Many aspiring actors undergo a nose job during high school so that their nose is perfectly camera ready by the time they find fame.

    While Margot’s look changes on a regular basis, she probably uses makeup techniques and tools that she picks up from the pros to transform her from girl next to glamorous goddess.

    Margot’s lips typically appear to be lush and shiny, but that is probably the use of lip glosses and plumpers rather than lip fillers.


    Despite looking perfect, some photos do reveal that Margot still experiences some residual acne from time to time. A device like the ProSonic paired with acne treatments could probably help to improve Margot’s skin.

    Margot is clearly comfortable with herself and her body, as she stole the show at the movie’s premiers around the world by wearing figure-hugging gowns that left little room for unsightly bulges. However, Margot probably watches what she eats and doesn’t yet have a need for plastic surgery procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks.

    Margot looks great and the huge success of the film likely means that she will be around for many more films to come.