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  • Kim Kardashian is an avid poster on Throwback Thursday, apparently trying to prove to people that the girl has always had curves. While there can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that Kim developed well, and early, what the TBT photos actually are doing are stirring up more rumors of plastic surgery—those that the future Mrs. West is apparently trying to quell.

    Throwback Thursday is a popular trend on Instagram, Kim’s favorite social networking site. For the weekly event, users post photos of themselves from back in the day—for stars, this usually means before they were famous or earlier in their careers.

    Kim seems to love TBT and for a recent sample showed a photo of herself sporting a monokini, with her arm around an old friend from back in 2006. She titled the caption “#TBT VEGA$ with @carladibello #Rehab #2006,” referring to her buddy and the event, the Vegas pool party Rehab, not a place where celebrities go to regain their reputation.

    While Kim seems to be trying to dampen rumors of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation she is actually adding fuel to the flames of the most recent plastic surgery rumor swirling around Kim: whether or not the reality television star has had a nose job.

    In the photo, Kim looks to be showing off her large chest, but shielding her face behind oversized aviator sunglasses. Fans are closely examining what lies beneath the sunnies however, trying to discern whether or not the reality star has had a nose job, as she looks pretty different these days than she did back then.

    Since 2006, Kim’s nose looks like it has become thinner, while her cheeks have become fuller and her skin even smoother. While Kim may not want to admit it, it does look as though she has had a minor rhinoplasty as well as injectable fillers placed in her cheeks. And maybe she has changed her skincare regimen as well to include laser treatments or chemical peels that have made her skin even more luminous than when she was younger.

    Kim’s other TBT also look to reveal similar discrepancies in her appearance, not just slimmer curves and darker hair. In photos from the red carpet of Kim wearing casual jeans and wedges to photos of her mugging in a bikini alongside her sisters, Kim’s nose looks to be just a little wider from bridge to tip.

    In the past, Kim has said that she is self-conscious about her nose, but she has also said that she has never had any work done on it. Still, Kim definitely has a more narrow nose than she used to, and more photos and more angles continue to reveal a difference.

    While it is possible that Kim has a new makeup artist with better ways of slimming the appearance of a nose using contouring techniques, it is much more likely that plastic surgery is at play considering the consistent way her nose appears thinner these days.