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  • Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has become a celebrity in her own right and the pretty blonde fashionista recently welcomed her second child. While many were wowed at how she managed to stay stylish and fit throughout her pregnancy, Rachel did manage to reveal that there was a point in her life when she was a little less glamorous—and had spent a little less time on plastic surgery.

    Shortly before giving birth to her second son back in December, Rachel shared an old photo of herself and her hubby of over 20 years. Back then, not only did Rachel have a more natural hair color, she also appears to have had a more natural nose.

    Rachel’s current nose, the one that smells out fashion trends before they begin, is thin and refined. The nose in the photo is a little wider and rounder, indicating that sometime after meeting her husband in 1991 and rising to fame, Rachel had a nose job.

    “Rachel appears to have had a nose job sometime between those two photos,” Dr. Anthony Youn tells RadarOnline.com.

    Given that Rachel has also slimmed down over time, her new nose does fit her slimmer face very well.

    “Her nose looks thinner and more refined. It looks like her surgeon did a nice job.

    While her nose surgery likely took place a while ago, more recently it appears that Rachel has turned to injectables to help get rid of signs of aging.

    Back in 2009, Makemeheal.com noted that Rachel’s many projects probably led her to develop stress wrinkles, including deep crevices across her forehead. As Rachel’s popularity gained, her wrinkles seemed to disappear, leading us to believe that she had probably turned to Botox to battle the wrinkles.

    Now, at 42, Rachel is continuing to add projects and a child to her family, so it is no wonder that she would need a little plastic surgery refresher. In addition to styling stars for the red carpet and other events, Rachel is also busy with her reality television series and has launched her own luxury clothing lines and is also getting ready to launch her second book as well.

    However, some of Rachel’s creases seemed to linger, particularly those in her nasolabial folds from her nose to her mouth. These days it looks like Rachel has taken care of those by using fillers like Juvederm to help fill in the areas and restore some fullness to her drawn face.

    “She also appears to have had injections of filler like Restylane into her nasolabial folds, the wrinkles that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth,” Dr. Youn told Radar.

    “These wrinkles appear to be much shallower.”

    Also helping Rachel to appear younger is her current hairstyle. Her shaggy bangs cover her problematic forehead, while the layers help to emphasize her cheekbones. Given Rachel’s Hollywood lifestyle, it is amazing that she has managed to stay with one man for so many years, even during her rise to fame and reality show, which seems to be a deal breaker for many couples.



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    1. Joyce Anctil on March 3, 2018 3:06 pm

      I love Rachel I love all here furry coat vest and jackets. Also the fact she and Rodger like the Great full Dead I’m a Dead Head as well. Did you catch them in Maine? 1979 Augusta Main. Good luck at the Oscars. Can not wait to see your fashions. J. Anctil

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