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  • Gwyneth Paltrow recently announced her divorce from her rocker husband Chris Martin, but in typical highfalutin fashion, described the split as a “conscious uncoupling.” According to RadarOnline, the split is part of what Gwyneth’s friends are calling a midlife crisis.

    41-year old Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin have become the latest celebrity couple to call it quits. While most couples in their situation release a statement requesting privacy, the duo has instead decided to redefine the meaning of divorce with a complicated new phrase “conscious uncoupling.”

    To explain what the phrase means, Gwyneth used her Goop blog to have experts explain that marriage is completely different than it once was and divorce isn’t really the same tragic concept it used to be. Or at least this notoriously pretentious couple would have the public believe.


    According to sources at RadarOnline, the breakup is part of Gwyneth’s recent midlife crisis. Although she had eschewed her native Los Angeles in favor of her husband’s London base, where they have been raising their children.


    “She always thought L.A. was shallow, and a city with no soul. So it was very surprising for her friends to hear she was moving back,” a source told Radar.


    In addition to changing her mind about where she wants to live, Gwyneth has also become very concerned about her appearance.


    “It does seem she is having a mid-life crisis as Gwyneth decided when she turned 40 to make the drastic move. To say she is obsessed with her physical appearance is also an understatement. Turning 40 seemed to do something to her psyche.”


    Gwyneth is well known for caring about her appearance, but apparently her focus has increased. She recently blogged about using coconut oil and practicing oil pulling as a beauty technique.


    “I use coconut oil a lot I do on my face, on my skin and in my cooking. And I just started “oil pulling,” which is when you swish coconut oil around [in your mouth] for 20 minutes, and it’s supposed to be great for oral health and making your teeth white. It’s supposed to clear up your skin, as well. It’s really interesting; it’s an ancient, ancient technique. I read about it on the Internet.”


    Although Gwyneth has a reputation for natural living, in the past she has admitted to doing just about anything to look young and fresh, including trying Botox and even saying that she will probably go under the knife when she is older.


    “I use organic [beauty] products, but I get lasers. It’s what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu,” Gwyneth reveals.


    She also says that she has tried Botox in the past, but didn’t like the results, although she hasn’t ruled out plastic surgery in the future.


    “I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50. I’ll try anything.”


    “Except I won’t do Botox again, because I looked crazy.”