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  • Dallas star Jordana Brewster’s star is on the rise, but not with plastic surgery. At least, not yet.

    32-year old Jordana Brewster told a magazine that although she has yet to go under the knife, it doesn’t mean that she adverse to plastic surgery.

    “I haven’t started yet, but I’m definitely not against it,” the 32-year-old admits. “If there are tools out there, why not use them?”

    “On the other hand, I really need my forehead for acting. I need to be able to crease it and express myself, so I don’t think I’d go crazy on the Botox.”

    But don’t expect Jordana to rush out for breast implants anytime soon. The actress admits to having a fear of both the procedure and the plastic surgery recovery process.

    “It’s easy to do, sure, but I’m really scared of surgery.”

    “If I could just wake up and have bigger boobs, that would be fun. Shallow but honest. Emotionally, I work on myself constantly, so I’m okay on that end.”

    It seems that age has changed Jordana’s mind about plastic surgery, because in the past she has admitted to being content with chicken cutlets and not seeing a need for surgical enhancements (Read Make Me Heal’s story on Jordana Brewster’s Plastic Surgery).

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