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  • Lindsay Lohan’s recent appearance at a red carpet event has shocked the Internet. Not because of any wardrobe malfunctions, but because of her smile. When Lindsay opened her mouth to reveal her mouthful of pearly whites, she revealed a mouth full of decayed, chipped and yellowed teeth. Perhaps some plastic surgery could help restore Lindsay to her former glory?

    25-year old Lindsay Lohan has long been thought to have undergone breast augmentation and after breast augmentation, lip augmentation (See Make Me Heal’s story on Lindsay Lohan’s lip augmentation). But it doesn’t seem likely that plastic surgery is the sole reason for Lindsay’s aging visage. Rather it is likely her hard-partying lifestyle with drugs and alcohol that is responsible for aging her significantly.

    The latest victim of Lindsay’s abuse to her body is her teeth. Lindsay’s teeth look significantly older than her chronological age, making the actress look older too. Her front tooth is chipped and many of her teeth are yellow. Poor dental hygiene is often a result of drug use and alcohol can also stain teeth.

    Without knowing the details, it is hard to say how Lindsay can help get her good grill back. Dental veneers, whitening systems and even dental implants may be necessary for Lindsay and they have a minimal plastic surgery recovery time, so she could go back on the red carpet within a few days.

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Lindsay Lohan would benefit from dental veneers to cover up all the damage that has been done to her teeth.  A nice smile is said to be the best accessory.”

    When asked to comment on the cause of Lindsay’s poor dental state, her publicist avoided the issue, saying,

    “Lindsay is widely acknowledged as one of the most stunning actresses of her day, and we get requests every week wanting to do photo shoots with her from top photographers.”

    “She’s been on the cover of Vanity Fair and the top beauty and fashion magazines. She’s a beautiful and glamorous actress.”


    “With everything going on – from deteriorating public education to rampant homelessness to international unrest – there is no way I’m going to comment on Lindsay’s teeth.”


    While that does put things in perspective, it only widens the mystery of what has happened to the “beautiful and glamorous” actress’ teeth.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Lindsay Lohan on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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