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  • At the recent Met Ball gala, the stars took the opportunity to wear outrageous couture and show off their stunning figures. Amongst the hoi polloi was Donatella Versace, whose thin frame and plastic surgery sparked a Twitter storm. Sporting a mermaid shaped gown of her own design, Donatella showcased her tiny cinched in waist and the ill effects that too much tanning has taken on her skin.

    59-year old Donatella Versace set Twitter ablaze with comments about the fashion diva’s bizarre appearance, which was commonly attributed to “too much surgery.”

    One Twitter user wrote: “It’s such a shame Donatella Versace has ruined her face with plastic surgery.”


    Another wrote: “Donatella Versace’s face actually scares me. ……..The plastic surgery looks really good hunny.”


    And yet another said: “Donatella Versace’s cosmetic surgery has gone too far.”


    Although Donatella’s plastic surgery looks to be fairly extensive, the fashion designer has only admitted to using Botox injections.


    In 2012 she admitted: “[In terms of Botox...] only on my face, not on my body, that’s the result of hard work.”


    Later, in 2013 she said that looking young was the result of experimenting with creams and concoctions to stay young.


    According to Donatella, “I’m not like this genetically. I use tons of cream and take care of my hair and skin.”


    While Donatella may only admit to Botox, it looks as though she has much more work, including a possible nose job, lip augmentation using lip implants, and a facelift.


    Although nose jobs are usually done to make a nose smaller, Donatella’s has grown larger over the years. It is also wider and flatter and slightly crooked, indicating that at least one bad nose job took place.


    In addition to her big nose, Donatella also has large lips, like the trout pouts of the Hollywood divas the designer dresses. Although the fashion icon has always had big lips, the oversized upper lip indicates that fillers, like collagen, have been used liberally.


    Donatella’s skin is very firm, indicating a possible facelift.. Her tight face is a strong contrast to the loose skin on the rest of her body.


    Extreme weight loss over the years has made Donatella very thin and her skin is very loose and hangs on her body. Gaining weight could actually make Donatella appear younger and healthier at this point, and would also help make her obvious breast augmentation a little more natural looking. Due to the weight loss, Donatella’s implants look painful and pulled, rather than full and perky as they did when she had a curvier figure.


    Years of bleaching her hair has also aged Donatella as her hair looks to be thin and lifelifess. She also appears to have embraced the runway trend of bleached eyebrows, which Miley Cyrus sported for a brief moment. Wearing heavy eye makeup paired with a neutral face and limp locks also contributed to her sickly appearance.


    Hopefully Donatella will eventually find some inspiration in food and maintain a healthy weight.