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  • Sporting a sleek and small bikini while filming her reality show Hollywood Exes, it’s hard to tell that Nicole Murphy has had five kids. Standing head and shoulders above the rest of the bathing suit sporting cast, Nicole looks incredible and she’s openly admitted that having a little plastic surgery certainly helps.

    46-year old Nicole Murphy was married to actor Eddie Murphy from 1993 to 2006 and together they had five children. Eddie has moved on and is now dating an Australian model, but it is hard to find fault with the leggy Nicole.  She too has moved on and her current storyline on the reality show follows her engagement to Michael Strahan, who currently presents Live With Kelly And Michael.

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    Alongside castmembers of Hollywood Exes, including Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Fletcher, Jose Canseco’s ex Jessica Canseco, R-Kelly’s ex Andrea Kelly, Prince’s ex Mayte Garcia and Martin Lawrence’s ex Shamicka Lawrence, Nicole stands out as the fittest of them all. One secret to her rockin’ bod? Plastic surgery.


    In a past interview with Entertainment Tonight, Nicole admitted to getting breast implants after nursing so many kids.


    She told the celebrity news show, “After nursing 5 babies, I had some saggy titties. When I had my fifth one, I said I’m getting some new titties.”


    While Nicole’s breast augmentation is pretty obvious, given that her breasts are high and round and stay in place even through her paddleboard yoga routine, including backbends, Nicole may have some other secrets to staying in shape as well.


    Nicole clearly enjoys an active lifestyle which has left her with a very tight and toned physique and she probably eats a very healthy and strict diet as well. However, she may have had some other plastic surgery tuneups as well.


    Along with the implants, Nicole probably had a breast lift to help with the sagging after breastfeeding. In addition, she may have had a liposuction procedure using lasers to help tighten and tone stubborn areas and treat cellulite or stretchmarks because she looks pretty flawless for a woman who has had multiple pregnancies.


    Other photos of Nicole show that she practices good suncare, often wearing a hat to protect her skin from the sun’s damaging rays. In addition she probably uses sunscreen as well as gets laser treatments or chemical peels on her face. In the past, Nicole has had a few faint freckles, but they look to have gone away, which is possible with laser treatments. In addition, Nicole may get Botox injections in her forehead and between her brows because her forehead looks very smooth and wrinkle free for her age and for someone who smiles a lot. It doesn’t appear that Nicole uses fillers, which is common for women with a slim figure as they don’t want their faces to appear gaunt and so overfill with Juvederm and other fillers and ending up with a bobble head look. Nicole has plenty of definition in her face, so she probably just uses Botox and well placed makeup.


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