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  • Elizabeth Banks, Plastic SurgeryActress Elizabeth Banks, last seen as Laura Bush in the new Oliver Stone film “W”, may have a plastic surgery secret. Current photographs of the thirty-four year old petite and perky blonde show the kind of flawless nose that may have been produced by an experienced plastic surgeon. If she had gotten a nose job, would she admit to it?

    The 34-year old said in an interview with Women’s Health that she is “not a fan of plastic surgery”, but from the looks of it, her nicely-proportioned, symmetrical schnoz might be the result of a rhinoplasty predating her rise to fame. Perhaps she once had an entirely different nose than the one we see today, which looks like it could have been chiseled by a Nose Michaelangelo. Many young Hollywood starlets undergo the rhinoplasty operation early on to make their screen profiles a little more, well, camera-friendly.

    Was Elizabeth Banks one of these starlets?

    Upon reviewing numerous photos of Banks, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden told Make Me Heal, “I do not believe she has had a rhinoplasty before. Looking at the different photos she has a similar width of the mid-vault, or middle part, of the nose and a slight deviation and underprojection of the nasal tip. She is without a doubt a beautiful girl and these characteristics only add to her individuality, but aren’t typically consistent with someone who has undergone cosmetic nasal surgery.”

    Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills agrees. “I think Elizabeth Bank’s nose is untouched. Her tip cartilage is vertically oriented and her ala are wide.”

    Unfortunately early photos of Banks are not readily available, which might shed more light on the subject.

    Maybe Elizabeth Banks didn’t get a nose job. She may have simply been graced with good genes, and as a celebrity, she might also get a helpful hand from the photographers, makeup artists, and the right cosmetic products to give her nose a more symmetrical look. Given the facts, it’s too tough to make the call unless we can get our hands on some earlier photos. Until then, we cannot be too sure.

    But seeing that Banks’ expanding repertoire now includes playing the First Lady, and keeping in mind how certain political figures are becoming infamously attached to their own vanity, it begs the question:

    Has Laura Bush gotten a nose job?

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