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  • Porn actress Elizabeth Starr underwent a controversial breast implant procedure back in 1999 hoping that having supersized breasts would also help supersize her career. But it turns out that having O-cup sized breasts hasn’t helped and they’re actually hurting her. In fact, it seems that her breast implants could actually kill her.

    43-year old Elizabeth Starr underwent surgery back in 1999, using the “string implant” procedure. Starr says that the doctor told her that the procedure was FDA approved, but it wasn’t. A few years later, the procedure was banned in the US as well as Europe because of the potential health risks that it posed.

    According to HuffPo, string breast implants place synthetic polypropylene ‘strings’ into the breasts. The strings then generate fluid and then absorb the fluid, so that the breasts continually expand. Since the procedure, Starr, the mother of two, has had her breasts reach a size O.

    Shortly after the procedure, Starr began having problems with her breasts and now doctors have told her that she must have a double mastectomy or she will risk developing blood clots and infections, which could kill her.

    “There is so much scar tissue in my breasts it’s affecting the blood flow to the body and could cause a fatal blood clot,” Starr told U.K. newspaper The Sun.


    “I’m a ticking time bomb because anything could happen to me – I’m so scared.”


    Back in 1999 she paid close to $5,000 for the procedure, and developed a painful infection in her right breast after a few days. She had the string implant removed from the breast and replaced with a saline implant instead to even out her chest—the saline implant uses 4 liters of liquid to match!

    Since the initial operation, Starr has spent hundreds of thousands on reconstruction procedures and says that she is constantly in pain and finds daily tasks such as getting dressed difficult.

    Starr’s reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Alexander Sinclair, says that her case is the worst he has seen. He says that the general consensus in the medical community is that a double mastectomy is needed.

    However, Starr is loathe to remove the breast implants, despite the troubles they pose for her health, saying that it would impact her livelihood overmuch.

    “After 63 procedures on my right breast and fighting to keep my career and my breast, I honestly don’t think that I could,” Starr told The Sun. “A mastectomy would take away my livelihood and I don’t know what else I would do.”


    Instead, she hopes that her experience serves as a warning for other women considering getting supersized breast implants.

    “It’s hard when you have been a victim of something and it’s even harder when you choose a path in life where people might look down on you and think, ‘She deserved it.’ But I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and I hope my story will act as a warning.”


    Beyond the breast implants, it looks like Elizabeth has also supersized her lips with collagen or fillers or implants as they are much larger than they used to be and an unnatural shape and has also had a nose job as well, as her nose is shaped a little differently and slightly smaller than it was earlier in her career.