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  • Ellen Barkin, Plastic SurgeryOcean’s 13 Star Ellen Barkin has mixed feelings about plastic surgery. While the 53-year old actress thinks cosmetic surgery is a dangerous trend for society, she still regularly treats herself to some cosmetic procedures such as Thermage and Fraxel.

    Ellen Barkin feels that women who go under the knife are sending out a destructive signal to society that they are not mentally and physically happy with where they are in their lives.

    “I think it’s dangerous. Women who have had major surgery are sending out the signal saying, ‘I’m not happy with where I am, so I want to be somewhere else – I want to be like I was at 30′,” says Barkin to First Magazine.

    The movie star does not plan on having cosmetic surgery and she has some of her own friends as living proof that it does not make one look better – because her friends’ nip, tucks, and lifts actually look terrible.

    “I think face lifts make you look older not younger,” says Barkin.

    “You look at them and think either they look crazy or awful.”

    “For some of them, I will say, ‘Oh, wow! That looks like a beautiful woman (but) it just doesn’t look like the same beautiful woman.”

    While dead set against having cosmetic surgery procedures, Barkin is all for having non-invasive procedures, with the exception of Botox which is against. Barkin supports people who may want to have non-invasive treatments, as Barkin herself has admitted to regularly getting the collagen boosting treatments Thermage and Fraxel.

    “I don’t have problems with fillers and non-invasive procedures,” she added. “I think a little bit of everything is OK, I’m fine with it all except Botox.”

    “The whole Botox craze, what it says to me is ‘I am desperately unhappy with where I am in my life’s journey, I don’t like it, I want to disguise it, I want to erase it,’” Barkin tells More Magazine. “Like, ‘I’m not comfortable being 30, 40, 50, 60.’ And I have issues with that.

    Speaking about celebrity plastic surgery, Ellen Barkin is predictably against this major Hollywood trend. Barkin will not watch movies with actors who are overdone.

    “I don’t want to see someone I’ve watched in movies for 20 years and not know who they are, with their eyebrows somewhere in the middle of their hairline.”

    “What I’m not fine with is celebrities the same age as me whose bodies are buff and sculpted – they don’t look natural any more. If I see someone on screen whose face can’t move to express emotion, then I’m no longer interested in watching them act.”

    “The Big Easy” and “Diner” star admits to having to cope with pressure of needing to look young in Hollywood and hopes that she will not fall prey to the temptation of going under the knife to boost her career.

    “All of a sudden attention is drawn to, ‘Oh you need a face lift.’ I hope that I don’t buckle under it.”

    Barkin’s recent apperances in support of the film Ocean’s 13 have sparked some rumors that the actress has had more than just a few non-invasive treatments, including a face lift and eyelid surgery. While these rumors seem baseless in light of Barkin’s very public stance against plastic surgery, it is quite possible that the actress has had some skin treatments such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, or other laser procedures.  Additionally, she may have used some injection fillers such as Restylane, fat and collagen injections to plump up some areas and soften some lines on her face.

    Barkin is clearly opinionated on the subject and while she is blessed with great genes, not everyone ages as gracefully as she has or has the monetary resources to buy non-invasive treatments, get nutrionist consultations about her diet, and have the ability to work out as much as she does. Considering that many people get natural looking results, it is a gross misstatement to say that all plastic surgery leads to terrible outcomes.

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