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  • Actress Emma Thompson is one of the rare actresses that has played both beauties and fuglies in her time on the big screen. As Nanny McPhee she regularly transforms from an ugly hag into a beaming beauty by the end of the film, courtesy of movie magic. As magic doesn’t exist in real life, Emma has spoken out about the next best thing, plastic surgery.

    54-year old Emma Thompson joined fellow actresses Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz to form the self proclaimed “British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League” back in 2011 and it seems that the Oscar winner has yet to change her position on the subject of plastic surgery and fillers and Botox and implants.

    Despite the pressure of looking good in the entertainment industry, Emma says she would never bend on her stance against cosmetic surgery.

    Via New! Magazine, Emma Thompson tells Graham Norton that plastic surgery is psychotic, “Look at me, I’m normal. I really wouldn’t do anything. It’s psychotic to have your body opened up and stuff put in and injecting yourself with poisons.”

    As Emma seems to look better with every passing year, either she has found movie magic in real life, or she just takes really good care of her skin. Although she is not a member of the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, Aussie actress Cate Blanchett has also been adamant in her stance against plastic surgery and instead says she uses sk II skincare products to help her skin recover and rejuvenate from the heavy makeup and occasional prosthetics she sports in her various roles. As Emma has the same opinion and similar work needs, she too probably uses excellent skincare products to keep her skin looking fresh.

    While one of the best ways to look youthful without plastic surgery is to have perfectly white, straight teeth, which many actors achieve via dental veneers, Emma appears to have her own natural teeth, slightly imperfect as they are. Most likely at home teeth whitening products and devices help keep Emma’s smile in style.

    It seems that Emma is always working on one project or another and she is currently busy promoting her upcoming film, Saving Mr. Banks. The film is about the making of the classic family film, Mary Poppins, and Emma plays the book’s author, P. L. Travers as she meets with Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks) to have her book transformed onto the big screen. Although it isn’t yet in theaters, the movie is already generating Oscar buzz for Tom Hanks, who has also been talked about for his title role in Captain Phillips, which was out earlier this year. It seems that after taking on comedies and dramas, Hanks has turned to biopics.

    Emma looks terrific for any woman, let alone a Hollywood star staple. Maybe the next time she attacks plastic surgery, she could also let fans in on her secrets for staying so darn good looking as an alternative plan to going under the knife.