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  • Lucy Pargeter is best known for her roles on the television series Crossroads and Emmerdale but she is gaining a wider fan base as she begins to make appearances on reality television shows as well. On one such show, the British hit I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Lucy opened up to fellow contestant Rebecca Adlington about going under the knife.

    36-year old Lucy Pargeter is best known to British audiences, but her recent plastic surgery confession has also gotten wind across the pond. Talking to a fellow contestant, Oympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, Lucy admits that she has had a breast augmentation as well as liposuction.

    Apparently Lucy’s decision to go under the knife stems from insecurites about the appearance of her body. On the show, she said, “I’d love to wake up and not judge myself everyday because of the way I look.


    “These [boobs] are because of that image and that I always aspired to be because I wasn’t like that, so I thought I needed to have these [boobs], needed to have this [stomach] sucked away.


    “I’ve always been that insecure girl. I don’t even walk round naked in my own home.”


    In the past, Lucy has been quite open with the press about her plastic surgery procedures, which reportedly include two breast augmentation procedures and liposuction, in addition to Botox.

    While some actresses say they don’t use Botox for fear that it won’t allow them to show the many expressions required of their vocation, Lucy’s stance is quite the opposite.

    She told the Mirror that as a result of HD technology, she can’t stand to watch herself at work because every flaw is readily evident. As a soap actress, her emotional reactions are even more pronounced which Lucy explains, ” plays havoc with your face.”

    Although she acknowledges that being open about plastic surgery is usually considered taboo, she has never felt the need to stay quiet about her procedures.

    And although she doesn’t plan to have any more plastic surgery anytime soon, she does go to the plastic surgeon on occasion if she feels that something is wrong with an implant and needs to be checked out.

    For some reason, appearing on I’m a Celebrity seems to bring out the plastic surgery confessions of the stars. In the past, contestants such as Jessica-Jane Clement, Janice Dickinson and Heidi Montag have appeared on the show and talked about their various cosmetic procedures, whether they love them like Janice, or regret them like Heidi.

    In many cases, the stars express a need to constantly look good and feel a pressure to look as beautiful as their colleagues, but plastic surgery should be used to help enhance one’s own looks, not to help look like other people.

    Like all surgeries, some risk is involved and Jessica-Jane Clement shared on her season a few years back how her plastic surgery went wrong after having the wrong type of injectable put into her lips and leaving her with a puckered pout.