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  • Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria’s wedding ceremony last July weekend on the lucky date of 07-07-07 with newlywed husband and basketballer Tony Parker was instantly billed by everyone as the Wedding Of The Year. The new Mrs. Parker was quite satisfied with her multi-million dollar ceremony and new ring, and who could blame her, with it featuring an impressive two rows of 80 brilliant-cut diamonds and 27 square-cut diamonds. And for the finishing touch, the ring was complete with a romantic French inscription on the inside.

    However, the most interesting part of the wedding was not the ring or the chapel where the wedding took place, but the A-list guests who showed up or did not show up as the case may be. Additionally, being as they are all big-time stars, it is only natural to be curious about their plastic surgery life or lack thereof. Those stars of noticeable interest include the entire Desperate Cosmetically Enhanced Housewives cast and some invitees like Sheryl Crow. Though let’s not fast forward to anything and look at the bride and groom first before looking at the guests, and then Marcia Cross can see if there really is anything to be cross about…

    Eva Longoria

    Eva Longoria, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic

    Newlywed Eva Longoria has stated she would not have any plastic surgery because of her fear of needles: “It’s not that I’m against people who do it, but I’m terrified of needles,” she told Maxim. “I’ve seen those shows with the operations. The sound of the chisel! Aaah! I almost passed out. No thank you. Egg white omelets, some exercise and some eye cream is fine for now.” Hmmm, she may have a fear of needles, but most likely not a fear of plastic surgery. The rumor mill may be spinning yarns, but it appears that she has had Botox injections or some Restylane for her lips, and ironically both procedures require the use of the needle. At 32 years of age, her face is looking great with no lines or wrinkles. Botox could be a reason for her wrinkle-free state of being. For such large lips, it is possible Eva has had them augmented with Restylane, although it’s likely that they are naturally shapely. Botox might have been at work in the past, smoothing out her frown lines on her forehead, between the eyes, and at the base of her nose. Injecting Restylane into her lips may augment them while at the same time smoothing out any wrinkles surrounding her mouth. Eva Longoria, No Breasts, Plastic Surgery

    Now, looking at pictures taken on the days right before her wedding while showcasing her impressive bikinis on a beach in France for her bachelorette commemorating activities, it is obvious Eva Longoria, the new Mrs. Parker, is lacking in certain areas. Her set of mammary twins look unwilling to pop out and her behind, is well, not much of a behind. She looks incredibly skinny, so that could be why, but there is no need for a plastic surgeon to diagnose that she is in desperate need of a breast augmentation and buttock augmentation, if she wants to compete with her bustier and curvier peers. But don’t accuse us of having a “You’re damned if you do go under the knife and you’re damned if you don’t” moment, as we personally think that Eva looks great in her natural modest curves. She just won’t be doing the movie version of Baywatch. Meanwhile, we hope that she’ll be happier in this marriage than she was in her previous one.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Eva Longoria on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Tony Parker

    Eva’s newly-wed Spurs basketballer groom Tony Parker is 25, a good seven years younger than her. He has not had plastic surgery and for good reason, too. He is thriving well at 25, too young an age for a man to need anything to alter his physical appearance. It would be understandable for his new wife to be getting cosmetic surgery done first considering the age difference, though it is possible she has not had any either. One thing’s for certain, if either one decides on undergoing the knife in the future, Eva will be first, unless Tony happens upon a terrible accident like tripping over a basketball and disfiguring the shape of his nose or something. Let’s hope not!

    Teri Hatcher

    Terri Hatcher, Plastic Surgery, CosmeticEva’s co-star on Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher was just one of the many invited to Eva and Tony’s wedding ceremony. 42-year old Teri has admitted to having Botox and Collagen injections in March of 2006. Though the star has admitted to her cosmetic enhancement, “In the past, I’ve had Botox and collagen,” Hatcher has also been quoted by Daily Express newspaper as saying: “I don’t use Botox or Restylane and I’ve never had any surgery. A male friend in the fashion industry once asked me, ‘Why is make-up any different to getting Botox?’ I said I didn’t think it was a fair comparison, make-up is removable, it’s not permanent. But changing the natural chemical state of who you are? I’m not sure.” Hmmm…she can run, but she can’t hide (especially not her face)! Teri’s forehead is smooth and wrinkle-free, which could also be the play of good genes. In addition, the star has been the subject of rumors about having an eye lift, nose job (or otherwise known as rhinoplasty), and cheek implants. Hatcher’s forehead barely moves in some appearances and her nose looks more refined and narrowed than before. Meanwhile Teri’s eyes look like she had a lower eye lift surgery to remove the excess fat below her eyes, with little to no scarring. The star’s cheeks look fuller, highlighting her new eyes.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Lucy Glancey said: “Looking at Teri Hatcher now, it would appear she has had some sort of work done on the skin beneath her eyes. She may have had a lower eye lift and, judging by her appearance, it appears her surgeon employed a new technique of removing fat by going in underneath the actual eyeball – this removes the threat of scarring and can have excellent results.

    Dr. Glancey adds, In addition, it would appear she has had some Botox. Very few women of her age have a line-free forehead, as she has, which would lead to the obvious conclusion that she is receiving regular injections.

    Dr. Glancey also thought that Teri might have gotten a nose job. Teri is at the prime age to benefit from Botox as her skin would only recently have begun forming wrinkles, so she can stop any permanent lines forming straight away. She may also have had some work done to slim down her nose.” Wow, you almost couldn’t tell about the nose. But it might just all be true. If she smiles, there is no sign of wrinkling on her forehead, making it contradictory to the expression she’s trying to make. Definitely Botox.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Teri Hatcher on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Nicollette Sheridan

    Nicollette Sheridan, Breast Implants, Plastic SurgeryIt comes as no surprise that another one of Eva’s co-stars on Desperate Housewives would be a guest at her wedding. Actress Nicollete Sheridan is rumored to have had a breast augmentation. Moreover, her breast implants look oversized, just a bit. By comparing a picture of her bust in 1987 to one taken in 2005, it is easy to see that her breasts have really grown, that is, if breasts can actually grow. Her set of twins are just dying to pop out and over her top (or dress, as it is not clear), while before the augmentation they looked quite snug and comfortable staying underneath her clothes. Sheridan‘s bust size is officially 34B-24-35 and her breasts look unnaturally round, a tell-tale sign of breast implants. It appears that she has also had Restylane injections or some other dermal filler to augment her lips. Maybe not much, but her smile does seem wider than before, as her lips plump out slightly, which could also be the clever use of lipstick or other cosmetics to achieve the desired look. Being as she is a desperate housewife, it wouldn’t be surprising if she has one or two tricks up her sleeve.

    Nicollette Sheridan, Cellulite, Plastic SurgerySheridan also appears to have had some face work done. Some speculate that Nicollete has had a minor facelift and a potential brow lift in recent years, because of her tighter forehead, defined jaw, and clean neck line. It is also possible Nicollete just had some injectable anti-wrinkle treatments in the form of Botox. Botox is known for giving a person less wrinkles, a smooth forehead, and less creases around certain areas on the face such as the mouth. Anyway it works better than a facelift, and her forehead looks quite shiny and smooth if you ask anyone who’s seen photos of her. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out…or a plastic surgeon…

    Oh yeah. To make all of us feel better about ourselves next to these picture-perfect stars, Nicollette was spotted way back in January of this year with major cellulite on her butt and legs! Check it out in OK! Magazine.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Nicollete Sheridan on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Marcia Cross

    Marcia Cross, Plastic Surgery, CosmeticDesperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross was not at the wedding. What was that all about? Yes, the little bit of info that caused an equally little bit of drama was the absence of Eva’s friend and co-star Marcia Cross. The rumor mill has been spinning yarns again. This time it was about an alleged dispute between Eva and Marcia, which supposedly has been happening continuously on and off the set of the hit show. Cross’s absence from the ceremony only added fuel to the fire, exacerbating the rumors. However, the guests explained it away with the reasoning that Cross didn’t show because she only just gave birth to twins a mere four months ago. Hopefully she didn’t cave in to peer pressure and get another set of twins somewhere else…

    Though for now we’ll put those speculations on the back burner, we absolutely cannot ignore speculations about what surgeries she has had on her face, even if no one else has really caught on. It looks like Cross has had possible Botox injections on her forehead, and around the lips. Marcia’s forehead does not show the presence of lines or wrinkles, which is easily solved by filler injections. As there is no such thing as a magic eraser marker, and nearly impossible for someone at age 45 to have neither lines nor wrinkles, we can only speculate that she wishes to take a dive into the fountain of youth with Botox. Also, it looks like she has had an eye lift as there are no creases, under eye bags, excess skin on her lids, or crow’s feet around her eyes. Cross seems to keep her skin healthy, as it looks practically flawless. She looks great for someone in her mid-40’s. Although it may be entirely possible, it is truly hard to believe that she is aging naturally, with no cosmetic enhancement agents to help her retard the aging process.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Marcia Cross on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Sheryl Crow

    Sheryl Crow, Plastic SurgerySympathies go out to singer Sheryl Crow, who was also a guest. Her eyes are looking more tired and worn these days, and who could blame the rock star? She is going through a brave battle in her fight against breast cancer and it’s a really good thing she’s getting through it. The courageous woman has not had any reported plastic surgeries, though. She underwent breast conservation therapy and radiation therapy. Crow is being treated for having breast cancer, and breast preservation therapy is when the surgeon takes the tumor out, leaving the breast behind but intact. Other stars who have survived or are fighting breast cancer include Melissa Etheridge, Kylie Minogue, and Olivia Newton John.

    On plastic surgery, quoted from StarPulse News Blog, Crow has said: “What’s wrong with being a flat-chested girl? I think boys should feel good about the option of dating a girl who doesn’t have big boobs! The plastic-surgery thing is probably not my bag, ever.” In an interview with VH1, Sheryl Crow claimed she has never had plastic surgery: “Oh, shut up! I can always tell when people have had plastic surgery. Maybe in four years people have forgotten what I look like. A lot has changed, not just for me personally. A lot’s happened in the music business. It’s become very visually oriented. There’s a lot of attention on body and beauty. I’ve never relied on that part of persona for my credibility. I’m almost anti-image. I’ve suffered because of it, because you’re selling a product, which is yourself. Now it’s gone that way even more, so it’s fun to me. I feel like I’m on the outskirts of all of it. Anytime I look nice, people are like, “What has she done?” In the same interview, she talks about having good genes: “I feel lucky that way. I haven’t had anything done. I’m not a person that works out shamefully. I have good genes. My parents are thin, athletic-looking people. I like sports. I’m really lucky that I can go do those things and explore those parts of my personality, but it doesn’t have any reflection on my career. I feel sorry for women whose careers depend on that specifically.”

    Sigh. No matter what people have speculated about her and her appearance, she looks absolutely beautiful and should be proud of herself for getting through something this tough. Now the question is, who’s strong enough to be her man?

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Sheryl Crow on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic source: Daily Mail

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