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  • Apparently Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham believes that bigger is better. While it may be the case for some of her illicit hobbies, it doesn’t necessarily hold true for plastic surgery. It looks like Farrah Abraham has once again plumped her pout with lip augmentation.

    Farrah Abraham has undergone a lot of plastic surgery in her young life and shows no signs of easing up.

    “Her lips look unnaturally plump and large. Of course, they are pursed in this photo, but Farrah has obviously had injections. Her lips look very large for her face,” Dr. Jason Diamond, a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, exclusively told RadarOnline.com.


    Dr. Diamond, a former Dr. 90210 alum, recommends that Farrah try another plastic surgeon before she considers further lip augmentation.


    “Farrah’s lip injections look very unnatural,” he said.

    “To me, her lips look abnormally large. It’s possible she went to a doctor who gave her a bad lip augmentation.”

    Farrah first admitted to collagen injections after posting a “selfie” of puffy lips on her Twitter account.


    She tells fans that she is trying out collagen injections, saying that they are “fun and not permanent.”


    However, while Farrah’s lips look even larger than usual, she says that she hasn’t done anything since her first augmentation.


    “I haven’t gotten anymore since I first did it, but I am happy they’re looking plump,” Farrah told Radar.


    Farrah Abraham underwent her first plastic surgery procedure—breast augmentation in 2010. A year later, she opted to have a nose job and chin implant to help improve her appearance on camera as she began getting more and more photo ops. Last year, she opted for another breast augmentation. This time, Farrah chose a bigger size implant to bring her up to a D-cup and switched from saline implants to silicone. Incidentally, the surgery took place just three days after Farrah’s 22nd birthday, the legal minimum age for silicone breast implants.


    Then, according to Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Miami, who placed the implant and removed it, Farrah was getting too much attention for chin implant, which made her feel self-conscious about it. Luckily, he explains, it is easy to reverse a chin implant because you can just pop it back it out if you decide you don’t like the look. Now Farrah will have a small scar where the surgery took place, but her chin will still remain very slightly enhanced, thanks to minimal scar tissue build up.


    While Farrah seems to visit a plastic surgeon on a regular basis and has no problem with the permanency of plastic surgery, there are some ways you can achieve similar results without the long term commitment.


    To temporarily sport fuller lips, try a lip plumper like Bliss Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper. Your lips will be fuller and more youthful, without the fear of commitment that permanent fillers produce. Not to mention a much more natural look that won’t have people pointing at your “trout pout.” You can even fake a breast augmentation a la Paris Hilton with push-up pads to up your bra size. The heiress is famous for fooling tabloids with her on-again off-again cleavage, which she likely achieves by using pads in her push-up bra.