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  • After showing off her recent over inflated lip augmentation, it looks like Teen Mom/Porn Star Farrah Abraham has healed and her lips have gone back down to normal.

    23-year old Farrah Abraham recently posted photos of herself on social media that look like she’s out and about enjoying a day with her boyfriend—and more normally sized lips. Kissing her man and hanging out in New Jersey, Farrah looks to be back to her normal self after an implant procedure took a wrong turn earlier in the month.

    At the time, along with a photo of her monstrously oversized upper lip, Farrah wrote, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya ! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit”


    However, Farrah says that despite researching the doctor that did the procedure as well as the procedure ahead of time and deciding that it was safe, something still went wrong. Farrah says that doctor injected her with an anesthetic before the procedure and thinks that her ridiculously looking lip is the result of a serious allergic reaction to the medication, rather than the lip implant itself.


    It looks like Farrah may have been right and the anaesthetic and over inflated lip have since worn off, so that Farrah no longer resembles a cartoon character from The Simpsons or Futurama.


    Since her days on Teen Mom have ended, Farrah has been looking for new ways to play the fame game, including using plastic surgery.


    Farrah underwent a breast augmentation shortly after leaving the show, which she then followed up with a nose job and chin implant. After becoming old enough for silicone implants, Farrah then upsized her breast implants with a new pair. She eventually removed her chin implant after negative comments from fans and began getting regular lip injections. It seems that Farrah really liked her large lips, although her new implant procedure looks to be downright painful.


    Farrah also attempted to find fame a la Kim Kardashian by releasing a porn tape showing some untraditional positions and costarring a porn star.


    Now bloggers are speculating that Farrah’s new lip augmentation gone wrong is a bid to appear on the upcoming season of Botched, a reality show that features Housewives of Southern California plastic surgeon husbands Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow as they attempt to correct previously botched plastic surgery procedures.


    After seeing the hashtag “botched” on the photos, some people surmised that it might be an attempt to appear on the botched reality show where Dr Terry Dubrow, and Dr Paul Nassif, both of Real Housewife fame, fix the botched plastic surgeries of patients.


    According to Dr Terry Dubrow in an interview with the Daily Mail, Farrah will appear on the upcoming season, although he declined to share any specifics or details.


    Dr. Dubrow tells the Daily Mail, “We can’t talk about that but let’s assume that we may be involved with that at this point.”


    “Maybe we have, maybe we will, but that’s something she may need help with.”