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  • According to the National Enquirer, friends fear that legendary actress Faye Dunaway may be becoming a plastic surgery addict in her old age.

    Now 73, Bonnie and Clyde actress 73 is sporting a full and puffy face in an apparent quest for youth—but looking like she’s had way too much plastic surgery fillers placed.

    Faye looks like she favors using fillers like Sculptra in her cheeks and pretty much any other part of her face, resulting in a puffy, over filled look that has friends concerned.


    “Faye’s almost unrecognizable!” said a pal.


    Another friend begged her to stop having surgery, telling her, ‘There’s nothing left to lift!’ “But Faye won’t listen,” the pal added.


    As puffy and full as her face is, the area around her eyes looks concave and thin, leading experts in plastic surgery to believe that Faye probably had an eyelift to remove loose skin and get rid of any puffiness that was a result of aging.


    Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon in New York City who hasn’t treated Faye says that in addition to an upper eyelid procedure, “She may also have had fat fillers injected into her lips and cheeks, Botox injections to smooth her forehead and a chemical peel.”


    The National Enquirer reports that Faye is worth $40 million, which explains why she hasn’t been seen onscreen in years and also she can continue to go under the knife, or needle, whenever the fancy strikes.


    The source added: “Faye may have lost interest in Hollywood, but I think she’s addicted to plastic surgery.”


    This isn’t the first time that Faye has been found out for her love of plastic surgery.


    With a career that spans over 40 years, Faye Dunaway has often spoken out against Hollywood’s ageism, but it appears that as she has felt the pressure, she has tried to reverse the aging process through plastic surgery, with mixed results. In 2008, Faye was at a film festival where it looked like she was fresh from a variety of procedures.


    Faye has likely had a facelift to help eliminate her sagging skin as well as give her the very tight appearance and pulled look she has had for the past few years. To help achieve her wrinkle-free lower face, she has likely used injectable fillers like Botox, Restylane or Juvederm to get rid of the nasolabial lines that stretch from the nose to the mouth. Moreover, the rejuvenated texture of her skin is the probable result of laser skin resurfacing, chemical peel, or some of the new lasers like Fraxel, Lumenis, Active Fx, or Cool Touch.


    Faye has also had getting lip injections on her top lip to achieve the “trout pout” that is so popular in Hollywood these days. Faye’s upper lip no longer has the dip in the middle that occurs on natural lips and is often the result of poorly placed lip fillers, including collagen, Restylane, Juvederm.


    Faye’s former smile is famously crooked and yellow. But recently, the teeth have become whiter and straighter. Make Me Heal thinks Faye may have taken advantage of modern cosmetic dentistry including invisible braces like Invisalign and veneers to make her teeth open smile worthy.