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  • British actress Emma Samms is gearing up for a comeback. Best known for role on the American daytime soap opera General Hospital and for replacing Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon Carrington Colby on the prime time soap opera Dynasty, Emma is once again going to be on camera and says that she may opt for plastic surgery if she doesn’t like what she sees.

    53-year old Emma Samms has been through a lot of changes since finding fame back in the 1980s, but says thus far plastic surgery isn’t one of them. The dark haired drama queen is now appearing on a new BBC reality show, Tumble, which is described as a cross between Cirque du Soleil and a dancing reality competition.

    Although she’s bruised and beaten from the tough rigors required of the show, Emma is one of the celebrities that signed up for the acrobatic endeavors, paired with a professional partner.


    According to Emma, “Its incredibly dangerous,” Emma said. “The BBC gave me a form to fill in asking for my next-of-kin. My opening in the first show is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.”

    “The bruises are from hanging from a hard metal hoop, high off the ground, and spinning around in the middle. I’d never even done a handstand before I did this and never went to the gym. When they gave me the form about exercise, I wrote ‘gardening’ – because that’s all I did.”

    “I’ve been practicing four hours a day for the past eight weeks for this.”

    The svelte star looks great for her age and has been asked to do Playboy magazine twice, and she has turned down the publication the same number of times.


    Although she has built her career on her beauty and worries about aging, she says that she hasn’t done anything drastic. At least not yet. When asked about plastic surgery, Emma admits to worrying about losing her looks and considering going under the knife from time to time.

    “Let’s say I’m surgery-curious. I go to LA and people look at me with fascination, ‘That’s what a 53-year-old without surgery looks like?’ That’s rare there, they are intrigued.”

    “I worry about ageing but I hate myself for worrying about it.”

    “I always thought by the time I would lose my looks I wouldn’t need them anymore. I would do writing and directing – and they have nothing to do with looks. My plan was always that I would become indifferent.”

    “But I catch myself in the mirror and go ‘Argh’. Our society isn’t tolerant of people ageing naturally. It would be lovely if society valued kindness and charisma. I do, I find myself attracted to people for their personality. But society is so visual.”

    Emma is probably too busy trying not to fall from her aerial perches to worry about plastic surgery now, on a show that her agent deemed too dangerous to consider. Still, Emma is proud of her participation and looks fit enough to compete, while other stars have dropped out due to injury.