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  • Former Girls Aloud singer British beauty Sarah Harding has sparked new rumors of plastic surgery after stepping out for a recent InStyle pre-Bafta party with her DJ boyfriend Mark Foster. Looking nothing like her usual self, Sarah has set tongues wagging that she may have dabbled in plastic surgery, possibly in preparation of debuting her solo album later this year.

    32-year old Sarah Harding looks like she may have done more than just crop and bleach her hair. She looks like she may be dabbling in plastic surgery as well.

    Although she is young and doesn’t have many wrinkles anyway, Sarah looked suspiciously wrinkle free, which may be the result of some non-invasive plastic surgery treatments. Sarah may get chemical peels or laser treatments and she may also be using Botox in her forehead and between her brows to get a smooth, line free look.


    In addition, Sarah may have tried lip fillers again, this time with a more natural result. Although her lips aren’t swollen looking or misshapen, Sarah’s lip line is very defined, which is an indication of lip filler. However, she still has some natural-looking wrinkles, so her lips aren’t overdone. She may also have had filler placed in the lines that run from nose to mouth, as those crevices aren’t as deep as they have appeared in the past.


    “I didn’t even recognize her when she walked onto the red carpet!” The UK’s new magazine quotes a source as saying.

    “The source added: Her face is almost line free and look a bit puffy and her lips appear fuller.”



    A couple of years ago, when Sarah turned 30, she admitted to getting lip fillers as a consequence of getting older. However, at the time Sarah said that she didn’t like the results and didn’t plan to try them again or try Botox.


    Sarah says, “It’s not something I’m going to be trying again, or anything I would recommend to anyone else. But, yeah, around Christmas I got a little bit experimental and decided to have some filler in my lips. Clearly that was a mistake. I was silly, it was a very silly thing to do. Thankfully they have gone back down now. It was a case of approaching my thirties and not feeling confident about that. It was something that was on my mind a lot. No Botox, thank you very much.”


    It seems that Sarah has either changed her mind regarding plastic surgery, or changed her makeup routine. It is possible that a new makeup artist is responsible for Sarah’s new look and that the lighter hair with the bolder lip color has helped her to appear differently than she has in the past. She may also be using a new skincare routine or temporary skincare products that plump the lips and eliminate some fine lines temporarily.


    Whether it’s plastic surgery or makeup tricks responsible, Sarah Harding looks great. Or maybe it’s just that she is out of rehab and happy and healthy?