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  • A former pro wrestler, Chyna has gone on to change her looks as often as her career, from wrestler to actress to bodybuilder to porn star. These days Chyna is back in the spotlight as one of the celebrities looking to get acquitted killer George Zimmerman in the ring. While Chyna looks to be in better in shape than ever, she also looks pretty different, thanks in part to some dramatic plastic surgery over the years.

    43-year old Chyna is like many women in professional wrestling and bodybuilding who want to bulk up but remain feminine. To this end, many women, Chyna included, undergo breast augmentation to give their bulky bodies some curves. The result is often that breast implants end up looking “bolted on” as the have to be placed over the muscle because the chest muscles are so big and thick from weight lifting.

    Chyna has been open about her breast implants in the past, admitting that after a set ruptured during a match, she had a custom set made.

    That set is now marketed as the Chyna 2000s and are geared toward larger women and bodybuilders.


    However, in addition to getting breast implants, Chyna has also done more than a few other things since her days in the WWF. Chyna’s cheeks are supersized and look similar to those of Priscilla Presley, a victim of a botched plastic surgery from a non-professional.

    In an interview with RadarOnline, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn gave his impression of Chyna’s new looks, saying, “Chyna’s face looks like a bloated version of itself.”

    “It appears that a cosmetic surgeon plumped it up beyond recognition, likely with injections of fat or other facial filler. To say it looks overdone is an understatement,” he explained.


    Some bloggers have speculated that Chyna may use steroids which make her face appear full and puffy. However, given the longevity of the appearance and the fact that steroids for medical reasons are usually only temporary, it seems likely that some sort of filler is the culprit. Chyna’s cheeks and lips are unnaturally large and puffy looking. In addition, Chyna may also have had a nose job and chin reduction since her days as a pro-wrestler.

    When compared with photos before Chyna was a recognizable name both in and out of the ring, her face was much broader looking, with a square, typically masculine jaw. Chyna may have had a chin reduction procedure and also be using fillers to help soften the appearance of a big jaw. In addition, she looks to have had a nose job. Chyna’s old nose was very short and wide. Her new nose is more even, with a wider bridge and a much thinner nasal tip, indicating that her doctor built up her bridge and narrowed her nose so that it would fit better with a more narrowed face.

    There’s no word yet on which celebrity will be taking on George Zimmerman in the Celebrity Boxing match, but according to Chyna, “I can think of no other humiliation than for Mr. Zimmerman to have his ass kicked by a woman.”