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  • Former MTV reality star Tiffany Rowe-Storms is suing a plastic surgeon for botching her breast implants, according to TMZ. Tiffany was on the short lived reality series “There and Back” in 2006 with then fiance Ashley Parker Angel from O-Town—apparently the couple has since split.

    TMZ reports that Tiffany decided to go for a routine breast augmentation surgery back in 2008. After the surgery, something went less than routine and “open sores developed” around the star’s left nipple.

    Tiffany goes on to assert that the problems got worse from that point on. In 2010, she was hospitalized for pain in her left nipple and hospital staff discovered a staph infection had developed.

    Then, in 2012, Tiffany sought out the help of another plastic surgeon, who discovered “chronic oozing and infection in her left breast.”

    Furthermore, the second surgeon reportedly found that the strain of staph infection that developed in her left breast was so bad that it was “at risk of losing her arm or worse, had it spread.”

    To help her heal, Tiffany is suing the original doctor who performed her surgery in 2008 for malpractice and having a disfigured left nipple for unspecified damages.

    Tiffany isn’t the only has-been star to suffer from a botched breast augmentation. Back in 2004, Tara Reid became better known for her butchered body than for her acting work after a “nip slip” revealed that her nipples were misshapen after a breast augmentation gone wrong.

    At the time, Tara reported, “It looked like I got completely butchered up. The areolas … they looked like goose-shaped eggs.” Eventually, Tara underwent corrective surgery and went on to show off her new breast implants and plastic surgery reconstruction in the pages of Playboy…and on the beach.

    In addition to the bad breast implants, Tara also ill-advisedly underwent liposuction, which she didn’t really need. The result was that a lot of blogs made fun of her rippled appearance, which occurred because the actress didn’t have enough fat to make liposuction a necessary procedure. As a result, Tara was sporting a very lumpy, loose looking midsection while she frolicked on beaches around the world.

    Eventually, Tara had the botched lipo job fixed as well, but it wasn’t easy and the results weren’t that great. Fixing botched lipo is usually done with fat grafting over a period of several sessions. Given that Tara has very little body fat to use, it would be hard to cover up the ripples and dimples of the botched job. The best she got was a slight improvement and her bikini body was never all that it was.

    It is unclear from TMZ’s story whether or not Tiffany will follow Tara’s lead and undergo any kind of reconstructive plastic surgery or if she has decided to have her breast implants removed. Her situation is a good, albeit tragic, reminder to make sure that you thoroughly research your plastic surgery procedure ahead of time as well as your doctor.