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  • It’s hard to believe that actress Gabrielle Union is in her 40s, as the star looks much the same as she did as a teen. No wonder she still plays every age! While some stars turn to plastic surgery to retain their youthful looks, Gabrielle has shared her beauty secrets in a new interview and it doesn’t look like plastic surgery has come into play.

    Recently, 41-year old Gabrielle Union sat down for an interview with beauty guru Bobbi Brown who asked questions everyone would like to know, including how Gabrielle keeps her figure in shape.

    While some actresses have a mommy makeover after plastic surgery, Gabrielle likely bounced back naturally, thanks to her natural interest in staying active.


    BB: You are in fantastic shape. Have you always been athletic and healthy? Have you ever even had a weight issue?


    GU: I would say in my community, and in the African American culture, it would have been a weight problem, if I was too small or too skinny. My body type was not the ideal of beauty. So when I post on Instagram, some people are like, “Oooh, you need a sandwich!”  You can’t please everybody. But I’ve always been a jock. I played basketball, soccer, softball, and I ran track. I played soccer at Nebraska. And you know just kind of having that as my life since I was 5 years old. Thank God for muscle memory! But I work out, but I am not a “nut” about it. Like I work out mainly, because it is part of my job, but not so much to have the poor tailor have to take in or out my clothes every day.


    Gabrielle not only stays in shape naturally, but says that good genes and oily skin have helped to keep signs of aging at bay. She also wears minimal makeup when she’s not working.


    BB: Well that has changed! When I look at pictures of you, you look like you are under 30 not 41! What is your secret? Is it your genes? Is it something you eat? Tell us!


    GU: It is oily skin, which is sort of like a blessing and a curse. I’ve started calling my oily skin embalming fluid. It is sort of preserving what is left of my youth. My mom also has oily skin. She just turned 67, and she only started getting wrinkles in the last couple of years. I have been lucky in that way that my oily skin has kept me sort of youthful looking. Plus I started drinking a gallon of water a day about five,six years ago, and that helps too.


    BB: Tell me about your makeup routine when you are not working.


    GU: When I am not working, it is kind of nonexistent. With the advent of high definition, makeup is so heavy. When I am not working, I just hope for the best that my skin is clear, blemish-free, and even. Then I rock mascara and lip balm.


    Other than some rumors of a slight nose job in the past, Gabrielle looks to be aging naturally and very well.