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  • Vicky Pattison was fired from Britain’s popular reality show Geordie Shore. Shortly after, Vicky lost 42 pounds thanks to diet and exercise and dropped from a size 16 down to a size 6. Now it seems that her former costar Holly Hagan is jealous of her old friend’s newly sleek physique.

    21-year old Holly Hagan has revealed that she is so jealous of Vicky’s new body that she doesn’t enjoy being around her as much, feeling that it makes her look worse.

    “Vicky looks so well. I’m jealous of her,” she said. “She’s been working so hard at boot camps and eating really healthily. I feel self-conscious next to her.”

    “I’m not confident in my body, my stomach especially. I feel too big. And I don’t feel like I look nice in any clothes.”


    Holly may be jealous of Vicky, but there’s a couple things that Holly has that Vicky may be interested in: breast implants.


    Holly also revealed that she has breast implants and first went under the knife at age 18. Holly’s breast augmentation is fairly obvious as her chest is high and round and often out due to the sexy outfits she favors.


    Vicky recently revealed that her weight loss has caused her to lose volume in her chest and that she is considering getting breast implants to boost her back to where she was prior to losing weight.


    For her part, Holly is also planning more plastic surgery in the future. Apparently her breast implants helped boost her confidence so much that she now wants to have a Brazilian butt augmentation as well.


    Holly shares, “Everyone’s getting bum implants. I’ve already got the fat, it just needs moving into a different position! I want my bum the same size but instead of it looking round, I want it peachy.”


    Despite admiring Vicky’s new physique, Holly isn’t interested in following in her footsteps. Apparently Holly feels that she will be more satisified with her body by spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery rather than on a gym membership or personal trainer. Also, Holly seems to be looking for a quick fix and doesn’t want to wait for the results of healthy diet and exercise to kick in.


    “People might tell me I’m crazy and that I just need to do squats but it’ll take a long time to turn thigh fat into muscle. It’s £5,500 but I think it would be worth it. You get a bigger bum and a thigh gap.”


    Apparently, money is the only thing preventing Holly from going all out with plastic surgery. She’s not interested in the natural look, but instead admires other reality stars, like Heidi Montag. Heidi famous underwent a total of 10 plastic surgery procedures at once, getting everything from liposuction to ear pinning. She has since said she regretted having so much work done, but apparently Holly isn’t having it.


    “If money was no object, I’d have everything. I’d have full body lipo and abs put in. I would probably look like Heidi Montag,” she says.