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  • In a bold and unprecedented move for a celebrity, George Clooney openly admitted to having cosmetic surgery in a televised interview with actress Julia Roberts for an Oprah Winfrey Oscars special.

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    George Clooney, Before Plastic Surgery

    George Clooney with droopy lids & undereye bags before cosmetic surgery

    George Clooney, Plastic Surgery, Eye

    George Clooney with natural-looking wider eyes and no undereye puffy bags after cosmetic surgery

    The title-holder of Sexiest Man Alive and an Oscar presenter this upcoming Sunday had surgery on his eyes to get rid of the “tired” look that is due to droopy eyelid skin and puffy bags under the eyes. Asked by Roberts what has been the last biggest change in his life, 45-year old Clooney responded in his trademark wit: “I had my eyes done. Can you tell? I think it’s important to look awake.

    And awake is definitely how Clooney looks. New photos of Clooney reveal remarkable results, as the Ocean’s Eleven star no longer has the undereye bags and his eyes are more open. Most importantly, the results look natural and Clooney has avoided the “surprised” look that can happen in a bad eye lift. Clooney looks the same, only better. Clooney appears to have a had a full blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) on both his upper and lower eyelids and had excess skin and fat removed. Additionally, Clooney’s crows feet (the lines that emanate from the corner of his eyes) appear softer and less pronounced, a likely result of the surgery and possible Botox injections.

    Clooney wanted to get rid of the tired look that often appears with age when one’s eyelid skin loses its elasticity and starts drooping. It appears that Clooney had a full blepharoplasty of both the upper and lower lids and got rid of some skin and also had some fat bulges removed. As the photos show, before the surgery Clooney had droopy lids and skin that hung over his eyes and caused them to look smaller and squinty. Also, it is likely that loss of eye muscle strength and the thinning of eye skin (due to loss of collagen in the dermis) in the undereye region has caused pockets of fat to bulge out and appear below his eye.

    In the same interview conducted in Clooney’s Los Angeles home, Julia Roberts said that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery “yet”. Yet is a good way to put it, as it does not disqualify the possibility that Roberts will be going under the knife in the future.

    What is most remarkable about this story is not the fact that Clooney had surgery, it’s that he admitted to it openly. This story is perhaps signaling a change in social attitudes as more celebrities and men specifically talk openly about their beauty secrets without fear of any backlash from the public. Clooney’s popularity or talents are not affected by this sudden admission of plastic surgery. If anything, Clooney’s candid approach is likely to win him new fans. This new trend would certainly be healthy, as it will put the seemingly ageless beauty of some celebrities in realistic perspective and make all of us feel more comfortable about our attitudes about plastic surgery. By George, you’re still the sexiest man alive.

    Photos courtesy of Daily Mail.

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