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  • Don’t you hate it when your mom inadvertently reveals some embarrassing childhood anecdote in front of your friends? Celebrity Big Brother 2014 star George Gibey can likely relate. The star that shot to fame on Gogglebox, along with his mother, Linda McGarry was probably floored when she revealed that George had undergone plastic surgery as a kid.

    George Gibey looks to be the least likely suspect to have plastic surgery in a house filled with stars sporting everything from breast implants to facial fillers. Yet apparently George was bullied so much as a kid that he went under the knife to get rid of the mole under his nose that made him a target for the other kids. So while George may not look it, he was actually very young for his first experience with plastic surgery.

    Linda explains, “He was bullied when he was little. He had a mole which appeared out of nowhere – I thought he had his dinner around his mouth! He had plastic surgery to get it removed when he was seven because people called him ‘Moley.’ He’s got a scar under his nose.”


    And Linda says that although she is no longer George’s Gogglebox costar, she holds no hard feelings, telling Ok! Magazine, “I’m fine. This was George’s big break.”


    George does have a slight scar under his nose where he has a hairless patch in his mustache. If George is clean shaven, the scar is likely less noticeable and because it has been so long since the procedure, it has probably healed nicely.


    Celebrity Big Brother stars are known for their adventures in plastic surgery. Angelique Morgan, better known as Frenchy has already been kicked out of the house, but not before showing off her assets. The adult film actress is no stranger to reality show competitions and has showcased her duck lips, likely the result of silicone injections and supersized breast implants on other reality shows in the past, including Rock of Love and its spinoffs as well as I Love Money.


    According to Frenchy, while in the Celebrity Big Brother House, she had a fling with Lauren Goodger, another augmented member of the cast. Lauren rose to fame on The Only Way is Essex, affectionately known as TOWIE and was open about having a $10,000 breast augmentation so that her bust remained full and large no matter how much her weight fluctuates.


    George is in good company not only with his fellow castmates but also with other male celebrities who have had moles removed from their faces—although not as a result of childhood bullying.


    Crooner Enrique Iglesias was well known for a mole on his cheek but had it removed. It didn’t interfere with his looks and was probably due to fears about skin cancer development.


    Scottish star Ewan MacGregor had moles removed from his forehead for similar reasons, largely that he didn’t want them to become problems as skin cancer is becoming a growing concern.