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  • Former Disney star Anne Hathaway will be back on the big screen this coming Friday in the movie version of popular television sitcom Get Smart. Before the movie hits theatres, Make Me Heal investigates whether or not the 25-year old actress and her co-stars Steve Carell and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have had plastic surgery.

    Get Smart, Anne Hathaway, Plastic Surgery

    In Get Smart, Anne Hathaway stars alongside comedic actor Steve Carrell and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson (previously known as “The Rock”), but as the hot female lead, Agent 99, Anne dominates the movie’s posters, especially her large lips.

    Anne Hathaway, Plastic Surgery, Lip Augmentation

    Anne’s lips have long been at the center of controversy as to whether or not they are the result of a lip augmentation. Her smile, like fellow actress Jennifer Garner, is unusually wide and dominates her face. Rumors abound that they are the results of collagen or other filler, like Restylane, and it may indeed be the case. Her lips are also very plump and don’t always have the dip in the center like most natural lips do, making it quite likely that her lips are helped by fillers. Although some people do have unusually large lips, like Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler, so Anne’s lips could be natural.

    Anne is rather pale, so it likely that she avoids skin damage by simply staying out of the sun and the tanning booths popular with many women in Hollywood. Her young age and avoidance of harmful rays mean that she doesn’t need dermal fillers to fill out wrinkles or help with sun damage. At this point, she is probably able to get by with a quality skincare regimen, but in the future may have chemical peels or laser treatments to keep her skin looking fresh and young.

    Many young actresses have a nose job to fit in with the rest of Hollywood, but Anne’s nose also appears to be natural, as it is not perfectly symmetrical and has some bumps and ridges. However, her funnyman co-star 46-year old Steve Carrell might consider a rhinoplasty, as his nose is not so small.

    Steve Carrell, Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty

    Anne’s breasts are nice and full and her Devil Wears Prada co-star Stanley Tucci reportedly had trouble keeping his hands off her “melons,” but Make Me Heal thinks that they are all-natural. Anne’s cleavage never looks unusually high or round and her breasts seem to fluctuate according to the dress and the occasion, which are all positive indicators of natural breasts.

    Dwayne Johnson, who is best known for his amazing pro-wrestler body, has admitted to having gotten liposuction on his chest, which is known as a gynecomastia correction, or male breast reduction, after feeling like his chest had gotten too big in 2005.

    Dwayne Johson, The Rock, Liposuction

    The 36-year old says, “It was an aesthetic thing. I went in and showed the doctor, and he said, ‘Are you crazy?’ I was walking around with my shirt off all the time, so I had it done.”

    Dwayne Johson, The Rock, Liposuction

    Moreover, it looks like The Rock may have gotten some sophisticated hair plugs to keep his hair lines from receding. Dwayne Johnson’s hairline was receding a couple years ago already, but it seems that he has fortified it and replenished the hair through hair restoration.

    With or without plastic surgery, the cast of Get Smart is filled with seasoned comedic actors and Make Me Heal hopes it is as funny as the classic spy parody TV show it is inspired by.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of the Get Smart stars on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.



    3 Comments so far

    1. Randi on June 20, 2008 2:42 pm


      Do you really have an idea about what you are talking?

      Taking a snap at different angles does not mean that they have had surgery..


      When you work out, you do look shapely.. When you age you tend to look good.. Your articles are good but some of them are plainly begging “LOOK AT ME WHORE MYSELF”

      Moron… Get a life and write honest articles…

    2. wrestlingfan on June 20, 2008 4:36 pm

      You obviously don’t do enough research on wrestling or are just too gullable. Don’t be neive and think The Rock didn’t take stuff while wrestling. Most of them take something to stay in such incredible shape on the road. It’s tough living on the road, getting a good workout, and eating right, while traveling 4 hours by car to the next city for another show, all the while getting enough sleep. The point is the guy was on roids. Why do you think his hairline was receding and he had gyno? Is he on something now? He may or ma not be on something right now; it doesn’t have to be roids. And look at the industry you probably focus on the most: Hollywood. It is completely unregulated and anybody can take whatever they choose..and they do.

    3. cris daves on January 19, 2009 3:55 pm

      look he had surgery the rock had his chest reduced big deal he had to it doesnt mean nothing

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