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  • On a recent episode of Giuliana Rancic’s reality show, Giuliana contemplates plastic surgery after her makeup artist notices a few wrinkles on the busy entertainment show host’s face. The rest of the episode shows Giuliana as she asks for opinions about whether or not to head under the knife from everyone from coworkers to her husband.

    39 year old  Giuliana Rancic is best known for her hosting duties on the E! network. In addition, she also stars in her own reality show, with her husband Bill Rancic and has many other side projects as well. On the episode, wrinkles on Giulian’s visage are pointed out by her makeup artist while she is getting ready to go on camera.

    After the wrinkles are pointed out, she asks her cohost, Jamie Kennedy, what she thinks she should do about them or if she needs a facelift. Jamie warns her that if she starts with plastic surgery, it will become and endless cycle and she could end up looking like the Cat Woman.


    Once at home, Giuliana discusses her plans for a possible facelift with her husband Bill, who tells her, “You don’t need a plastic surgeon, you need a shrink.”


    At the E! Studios the next day, Giuliana stops by the dressing rooms of Fashion Police host and plastic surgery aficionado Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa. Both are known as much for their numerous plastic surgery procedures as for their sharp wit.


    Joan tells Giuliana that she is all for a facelift and explains that her plastic surgery motto is, “Better a new face coming out of an old car than an old face coming out of a new car.”


    Joan has had tons of plastic surgery, including numerous facelifts, a brow lift, cheek lift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), Botox injections, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and breast augmentation, in addition to other procedures and even convinced her daughter, Melissa, to have a nose job as a teen.


    After talking with Joan, Giuliana heads to plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia’s office, where he tells the host that she is too young for a facelift. He explains that the slight drooping and sagging that Giuliana is experiencing can benefit from laser treatments and fillers. Although Giuliana is happy to hear that she doesn’t need a facelift, she decides to consider her options before scheduling any procedures.


    Giuliana tells Bill about her plans for laser treatments and although he still feels she doesn’t need any work, he accompanies her to her procedure for moral support.


    After the procedure, both Giuliana and Bill seem happy with the results and agree that Giuliana looks great.


    In the past, Giuliana has been under the knife for a double mastectomy to prevent the return of breast cancer.


    In an interview, she explained her decision saying, ” To be honest, all it came down to was choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life. It could have come back more aggressively next time, so for me it was just more important to get the cancer out.”


    “With the double mastectomy I now have less than one per cent chance of getting it back, otherwise it was 20, 30 or 40 per cent chance and for me it wasn’t worth it.”


    The couple continue to work for a cure for the often fatal disease, as was also shown on the episode.